Good Vibrations!

15th May 2015

This has been a great week in school with lots going on. Year 6 had their SATs assessments which were demanding but our children took them in their stride. Largely due to the enormous breakfast they had every morning and the promise of an ice-cream at the end of the week. I am very proud of them all and I know that they have done their very best. They really enjoyed their special breakfast club with everyone joining in the camaraderie of the event, some with perhaps too much enthusiasm because we had children turning up at 7.30 am !!! I would like to thank all our parents for all their help and support in helping us make the week as painless as possible. They thoroughly deserved that ice-cream and swimming session at the end of the week.                                   
Gardening Club are hosting a special event as part of Heaton in Bloom after the half term break. They have been potting up plants to take part in the plant swap. They also took a little time to admire all their hard work at the front of the school. They should be very proud of themselves it makes a great first impression of our school. Real kerb appeal! Playgroup have been getting to the bottom of what to do with an old box and had hours of enjoyment finding out - as you can see. Nursery children have been along Chillingham Road to visit the shops but needed to chill out in the new Early Years Yard and trim our “lawn” when they got back. Year 2 have had a fantastic trip to Kirkley Hall last week and are still talking about all the animals that they saw. Not all the animals were the cuddly soft variety but that didn’t seem to bother them! Year 4 have been finding out about sound waves and vibrations and really enjoyed the practical elements of the experiments, especially when they could actually see the sound waves. Year 5 have had another session with David Pryke and the quality of the work the children produced is exceptional. It will be an amazing piece when completed and David’s design is inspirational. They also found time to do some cookery as part of their D&T work. Their produce must have been good because they licked the bowls clean. 

Mrs Armstrong in Reception was delighted with the progress that Caitlin and Lily have made with their writing. She also had a special mention for Clara who is such a kind and thoughtful friend to everyone in the class especially to those children who are having one of those “tricksy” days. What a lovely complement Clara! I am very proud of you, what superstars! Mrs Robson and Mrs Williamson were very impressed with Charlie, Dylan, Dilhan, Eva, Tyler and Adil for working extremely hard independently and successfully completing their work. Well done! You are amazing!  Mrs Knowles wanted me to know how pleased she is with Emily M and Dennis who worked collaboratively with Brobots in IT. Fantastic news! She also wanted me to know how well Joe and Emily H had done with measuring in centimetres. Brilliant! I am so proud of you. In Year 3 Mrs Dunn and Mrs Robertson were delighted with the great science work that Sylvie, Charlie and Suzie produced. How clever you are! They also wanted me to know about the fantastic progress Kieron, Sylvie and Poppy have made with playing the steel pans. Well done! You are all amazing. In Year 4 Mrs Nicholson has been over the moon with Connor who has finally mastered flicks in his handwriting. What a breakthrough Connor. She is also very pleased with Eden for working so hard in every lesson to improve her writing and with Hannah for her super questions in science work. Fabulous news! Congratulations to Charlie, Paige, Kuba and Iona, in Year 5, for great story writing based on the book “The Arrival”. The book has certainly struck a chord and the work you produced is very moving. Well done! A special mention goes to Tiana for her inventive rap about seed dispersal. Congratulations to all our Year 6 who are simply the best.

Top attending classes this week are Year 2 and Year 6 who both have 100% and gain 5 minutes extra playtime.

Next week is looking very exciting with more fantastic opportunities for learning. I look forward to sharing all the joys and fun of our wonderful children’s amazing learning journey
Karen Elliott