Increasing the overall effectiveness of school

19th January 2017

The school census data collection from yesterday revealed how our school population has grown to a very healthy 250 children. The process of collating this information requires patience and precision. We are asked by the Department for Education to provide this data twice a year as it determines the financial allocations provided to the school.



Despite the challenging national climate of austerity and real term cuts, I am optimistic that we can sustain our roll and navigate the ever-changing landscape.  Seldom do I share in the bulletin how grateful I am as a head teacher to have such a marvellous front of house team at school. Hilary England , the School Business Manager and Lisa McFadden, our Admin Officer are both excellent people who are committed to the vision and values of Chilli Road as well as to improving our overall effectiveness.


Yesterday, I was able to meet John Foster, the executive head teacher of Heaton Manor School. It was very reassuring to listen to  John and gain some insight into his educational journey at St. Mary's as well as the content of his first week at Heaton Manor. I am aware that many of you have also had the opportunity to meet Mr Foster and Emma Patterson, the new Head of School, during meetings at the school this week. As a member of the Ouseburn Learning Trust, we will continue to offer Heaton Manor our ongoing support.


Benjamin Wassall