14th November 2014


November is the month for remembering. As you know we have been looking back over the 120 years since the school was built and it has revealed some really interesting information. As the whole nation focuses on the outbreak of the First World War and marks the centenary I thought I would share with you some information about a project Year 6 are involved with. Heaton History Society and Year 6 together with Neil Tonge, former archivist at the Discovery Museum, have been looking at families who lived in Ninth and Tenth Avenues during the First World War. They have unearthed some fascination information which the school has put into ten mini projects for the children to explore. We have put together some clues to support their work. We are hoping to have an exhibition which will be put together with the help of Ms Hancock in our new library. I hope you will be able to come and find out about these fascinating characters when we open the exhibition. Year 6 are also using this work as the basis for their class assembly. I can’t wait. It is great to see that Heaton has always been an exciting place to live!

On Tuesday we did our act of remembrance at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month and the school fell silent for two minutes. As always it was very moving and I was very proud of how respectful our children are. I showed the children our war memorial as it holds the names of 66 old boys who attended this school who died in the 1914 – 1918 war. The school is very lucky to still have this link with the past and I think it is only right that we remember our old boys as part of our family.

Lots of exciting things have again been happening in school. It was lovely to meet so many of you for a catch up at our parent’s evening this week. I hope you found your meeting with your child’s teachers helpful. We asked you what you would find helpful when sharing your child’s progress and you said an early opportunity to discuss your child’s learning and how to support them at home would be useful. Ms Parker was also on hand to discuss the sort of support our children receive and how we can help you with that.

Our families and children have completed the first of the giant “proggy” mat panels for the main corridor and it is stupendous! Under the guidance of Donna Cheshire we have used children’s drawings to produce a piece of art which is about what Heaton means to our families. I do hope you can pop into see it when you are in school. It is filled with vibrant pictures and took hour of patience with blood, sweat and tears! But what a beauty!!!

Year 5 have been visiting the Great Museum of the North and had a fantastic time exploring and looking at the wonderful exhibits which fit so well with their Egypt and Space projects. Talking of space Year 5 have been following the Rosetta Mission and were very excited when the probe landed on the comet this week. They really are very well informed. Year 3 had a visit from Zoolab and the class were fascinated by all the spiders, rats and snakes that they observed and handled. Year 2 have been visiting the Quayside as part of their local history looking at the Great Fire of Newcastle. We are very lucky to have such a rich local history so locally available for our children to experience first hand.

Ms Gorsky and her helpers have carried out the second round of auditions for Family Music Night to be held on Friday 21st November and competition is really hotting up now with standards unbelievably high! We ended the week with our Children in Need day. School Council had organised a great day of activities and fun and a great time was had by all. Thank you very much for all your help and support on making such a fantastic day!

Mrs Armstrong in Reception shared with me her delight in Ella’s super use of vocabulary to describe fireworks, Sharon’s great progress with her phonics and Charlotte’s G fabulous concentration when drawing her firework picture. What superstars and you make me very proud!  In Year 1 Mrs Robson and Mrs Williamson were delighted with Stella, Niamh, Niki, Gwen, Elsa and Jasmin and their super sentences which they have written independently in their review of the Lion King. Wonderful work everyone! In Year 2 Mrs Knowles was very impressed with her whole class at the film outing. There behaviour was exemplary and I would expect nothing less. But Mrs Knowles said the same could not be said for other schools at the screening. Year 2 you make me so happy! Mrs Robinson and Mrs Dunn in Year 3 were singing the praises of Lara, Sylvie and Katie for their stupendous homework. What wonderful achievements! Ms Taylor in Year 4 wanted me to know about the huge effort Adam has made with his writing and the progress he is making in leaps and bounds. I am so very proud of you!

Ms Gorsky in Year 5 mentioned to me what fantastic designs Hannah, Ruby N and Erin have produced when asked to think about what their community is like and very good they were too. What super stars!

Mrs Andrews in Year 6 was very keen that I should know about Jenny, Khadija, Tommy, Tilly, Faye, Louis, Shuhada, Natalia and Jack Trory‘s brilliant “can do” attitude to all their learning, no matter what the curriculum throws at them! You amaze me!

There was no doubt about who was the top attending class this week it was Year 2 with 100%Well done and enjoy your 5 minutes extra playtime.

I look forward to sharing the successes and achievements of our amazing children as they continue their learning journeys. Next week is anti-bullying week and our children will be exploring friendship and the difference being a good friend can make to our school. Enjoy your week!


Karen Elliott