Safety First!

26th January 2015

The term has got off to a flying start! I have so enjoyed popping into the classroom and seeing and sharing the children’s learning. Year 6 are really getting into their topic on Mountains which they really are enjoying. They were especially interested in the two climbers who scaled El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Year 5 are finding some fascinating information out about the Victorians. Years 4 are thoroughly enjoying reading Charlotte’s Web and their reading and writing is already showing impact. Year 3 have been sharing with me all their enjoyment of chocolate especially all the work they are doing with “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Year 2 have been looking at some alterative places to live other than Newcastle and have produced some super work based on “Gregory Cool”. While in Year 1 a spaceship has landed and the children are full excitement finding out about space, the final frontier. Let’s hope  In Reception the building site work is developing and the children are full of interest. Nursery children are looking at the world around them especially the people who help us. Year 5 and Year 6 have had very important life saving lessons in CPR this week from St John’s Ambulance Service. This is a vital lesson in life skills and one I know that they won’t forget. They also together with Year 1 had a visit from the fire service in how to put together a fire plan for their family so they would know what to do in the case of a fire in the home and very sobering it was too. The fire service told the children that there had been 4 fires already this year in the Byker / Heaton area caused by electrical faults!

As you know we are now working as a Trust with the schools in the Heaton area and we have already began to work more closely together and it is having a direct impact on children’s learning. Year 5 have worked with Heaton Manor staff on a D&T project about moon buggies, we have Miss Jones who is supporting our PE development and Mrs. Land who is delivering French to Year 5 & Year 6. This week we had an inter school basket ball tournament hosted by Heaton Manor school. This was great fun and wonderful opportunity for our children. We won some matches, drew some and lost a few but I was especially impressed by all the children’s sportsmanship and gamesmanship. We hope we can take part in more sporting competitions and just like Newcastle United we are hoping for some silverware! The school is taking part in a Quick Sticks Tournament this week at Ravenswood so fingers crossed!

 Mrs Armstrong, in Reception Class, was delighted with the super number formation that Tre and Ella M have produced this week. She also wanted me to know how hard Lexi was trying with her listening skills in PE. What superstars you all are!  In Year 1 Mrs Robson and Mrs. Williamson were really impressed with the super winter poems George, Niki, Elsa and Tasawar have produced. Elsa was even using rhyme to give her poems a little extra something special. How clever you all are! In Year 2 Mrs Knowles was very impressed with Matthew, Damaris and Amelia and their stupendous spelling which has improved so much as has their writing. Wow what fantastic news! In Year 3 Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Dunn were delighted with the marvelous effort Lauren has been putting in to her speech mark writing, how hard Charlie is working with his writing and Troy has wonderful twinkle toes when it comes to football! I couldn’t be more proud of you all. Ms Taylor in Year 4 has been full of praise for Eba and her lovely positive attitude to all aspects of her work. She also wanted me to know how proud she is of Mohammad who  is now using frontal adverbials in his writing and for Hiven and her determination to master the 8 times table ! This is a fantastic achievement. You are amazing! In Year 5 Ms Gorsky has been very impressed with Lucy Gre, Shaun and Iona who have worked extremely hard on formal report writing using conjunctions correctly. She also wanted to share with me how much resilience Lucy H is demonstrating in her determination in improving her Maths which is an area she finds a little tricky. You know what they say Lucy when the going gets tough the tough get going. What an achievement! In Year 6 Mrs Andrews was very proud o Natalia and how much effort she has put into helping playgroup and organising rotas for other children who are helping. She also gave a special mention to Tilly and Tommy who spent the day at St Cuthbert’s school becoming experts in Lego Mindstorm. The training they received was very exacting and pushed them to their limits. Well done I am very proud of you all.

Top attending class this week was our Reception Class with 97% and win 5 minutes extra playtime

Have a good week and I look forward to sharing with you more snapshots of our super children’s exciting learning journeys.

Karen Elliott