Inspired by Rosen

26th September 2017
Year 4 and Ms Gorsky have been writing with a real purpose this week; primarily to provoke laughter and enjoyment inspired by the Master himself- Michael Rosen. You might recall that Years 3 and 4 visited the Theatre Royal in Toon last week and watched the man perform. 
It was great to hear how these children had formed their ideas together like a jigsaw and incorporated real life accounts from home. The presentation and shape of their writing is equally as interesting and adds emphasis to some veritable frustrations.
If you are free on Friday morning- you will be able to hear the children performing some of their poems during the Friday forum. 
Meanwhile- if you are ever in need of cheering up or being reminded of what it's like to be a child- just read or watch Rosen. Some of our favourite clips are below.
Chilli Road