Strawberry Fair

17th July 2014


This week saw one of my favourite weeks in school, our annual Strawberry Fair. This sees everyone run stalls, listen to our wonderful children amaze us with their skill at music making and of course eat lots of beautiful strawberries. What’s not to like?


Our annual Strawberry Tea is now established as a firm favourite with our families. This year our newly appointed class representatives were put through their paces. These are a group of parents from each class who take a lead organising role if there is an event or a visit that needs help. Staff really valued their support and help and it certainly made a huge difference. It was one of those truly community occasions when families turned out in force to enjoy the wonderful weather and helped us raise a £1000. A big thank you to all our families and staff who gave up their time to ensure that the event was a huge success.



Year 6 had a fantastic residential at Kielder with Ms Andrews and Ms Norton and Mr Tucker. I know they really challenged themselves and all felt a sense of achievement for trying out new activities some of which required a high degree of skill. I popped up to see how they were doing and was so proud to witness them encouraging and motivating each other when fear and tiredness looked like it was going to get the better of them. They really were a joy to take away loads of fun and good humour. That is the thing about our current Year 6 they are so much fun. Pure gold!


It was lovely to meet our new Reception parents at their welcome meeting. Some of you know us very well but for some it was the start of their children’s education journey. I am so glad that you have chosen Chillingham Road Primary for your child and we all look forward to sharing their achievements and progress with you.


Year 4 had a fantastic time at the Laing Art Gallery looking at all the wonderful art works and paintings on display. They amazed to curators with their knowledge and interest in the gallery.


Mrs Armstrong in Reception wanted me to know proud she is of Arun for always trying hard in all he does. She also brought Tyler to se me with his wonderful writing about a mallard. It was fantastic. She also wanted to share with me the super team work Stella, Dilan, Alhan and Eva demonstrated when in the outdoor classroom.

Mrs Knowles couldn’t single anyone out especially after their wonderful pirate assembly last week. And so say all of us. You are all super stars. In Year 2 Mrs Dunn and Mrs Robson were amazed by the skill of Lara and Saif when they taught their class some Arabic. Aren’t you clever? They also welcome Nishwa to their class and we wish her a happy and successful time at Chillingham Road. Ms Hancock in Y3 told me all about Jamie, Alana, Connor and Hannah and their great co-operative work in literacy. Well done all of you.. She also told me about Mohammad and the great progress he is making in PE our PE teacher Ms Jones was really pleased with his progress. Fantastic news! In Year 4 Mrs Hamil and Mrs Robinson were overwhelmed by the knowledge of paintings that Tallie and Elin showed on Y4‘s trip to the art gallery. I am very proud of you both. In Year 5 Ms Taylor has been very impressed with the writing Neil has done. I read his story and it was truly gripping. I can’t wait to see what you achieve in Year 6. In year 6 Mrs Andrews welcomes Nihal to our school. She also mentioned Chloe, Zoe and Leah who are determined to keep up the hard work with their maths. I am very impressed girls.


Top attending class this week was Year 5 with 100% and they gain five minutes extra playtime.


The term is drawing to a close but there is still much to look forward to before we close for the summer. Have good week and enjoy this glorious weather. I look forward to sharing with you more wonderful and memorable moments of our wonderful children’s learning experiences


K. Elliott