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A unique group of seven Primary Schools and one Secondary School in the East of Newcastle upon Tyne

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Connect All

As a school we have been conscious of the divide that was forced upon us as a result of the pandemic. Our team of staff and Governors are now ready to welcome you back and restore some light and colour into the weekly diet of school life.
Our 'Connect all' schedule aims to bridge the gap between home and school as well as offer opportunities to renew and for some-begin healthy relationships. We know that a successful home- school relationship impacts positively on our children and this takes time and requires nurturing. 
We will provide further and timely details regarding how you can book for some of the events. There will be times when you will need to book via School Comms or purchase tickets from the office. There are also many occasions when you can just turn up and join in the fun.
We are so grateful for your patience, support and savviness for what has seemed like an eternity however, now is the time to make steps and connect all.

connect all schedule 2022 final.pdf