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Tuesday 10th January 2023


Dear Families,

Apologies for not shouting out to everyone sooner. As a school, we wish you all health and happiness for 2023. Thank you so much for all navigating the necessary drop off and collection changes due to the live build that is now in progress.

Whilst moving classes and making new arrangements is never that simple; we are already feeling happy that our contingency plans for the duration of the lift project will work and to see our Playgroup and Nursery children in full swing already this morning was great.

Our whole school safeguarding conversation is focused on give me 5 ways to stay safe in school given the potential dangers of the live build. All staff will maintain this conversation as well as ensure the whole site remains safe for everyone. Please notify us at the office if you notice any issues.

The lift project and subsequent access to the EYFS and KS1 building has been a priority for the school and part of our long term accessiibility plan for the last 8 years. We are very grateful to Newcastle Local Authority who have funded the project (£300k)and know this will ensure full access to the school for all Chillizens and families. Moreover, we are grateful to our Premises, Environment and Community Committee (PEC) for driving this and making our aspirations a reality.

Yesterday was certainly a positive start to the new year as we welcomed nearly all of the children back to school. Attendance and Punctuality remain a whole school priority as well as a local authority priority too. We are continuing to ask families to sign a parenting contract for all children who are persistent absentees and who are currently below 90% with an agreement to support better attendance in school.

Finally, more good news! Ali Stansfield and her Sustrans team were here in full force this morning presenting the school street closure that will begin next Monday. Year 4 are currently out completing some fieldwork with the Sustrans team and Year 5 will be debating some of the key issues on Thursday. We will keep everyone up to date about the closure but please remember no vehicles will be allowed access to Ninth and Tenth Avenue between 8:30am and 9:30am each day and 2:30pm - 4:00pm unless you have a permit.

Hopefully, this will restore some confidence amongst you our families about the increased safety levels at drop off and collection times and in turn may encourage more active travel to school on bikes or scooters. I will be sharing our whole school travel plan soon after this.

Please remember that we are always available and contact us if you have any issues at all. Let's maintain and sustain the positive momentum from last term and stay focused on what unites us all- our children, their well-being and their learning.

Kindest Regards,

Benjamin Wassall- Head teacher