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remote Learning

During the pandemic, we will continue to support all of our children and families who are are required to work from home:


This remote learning policy for staff aims to:

Ensure consistency in the approach to remote learning for pupils who aren’t in school

Set out expectations for all members of the school community with regards to remote learning

Provide appropriate guidelines for data protection

Roles and responsibilities

In order for remote learning to be successful, we have considered the capacity of all stakeholders and designed a shared approach to ensure these responsibilities are equitable and transparent so that our children receive a similar offer across the whole school.


  • In the event of a full class closure or lockdown- class teachers will provide remote learning for all the children in class who are not in school.
  • In the event of one child self-isolating- their class teacher will provide work on a weekly basis that will be emailed on a Monday morning. The class teacher will also telephone the child or arrange a Teams call at least once per week.
  • All teaching staff will issue a weekly overview in PDF format that will be posted on Seesaw and Facebook for children and families.
  • Teachers will provide one hour of English and Mathematics each day (except Wednesdays- Chilli Unplugged) for their class. This will be uploaded on Seesaw and Facebook before 9am on the relevant day. Please note that Seesaw and Facebook have a schedule function. The rationale of pre-recording learning allows families greater flexibility within the home to schedule and manage the obvious demands of home schooling especially for those families with siblings.

  • It is expected that over a week’s learning some of the shared teaching will be in the form of a video or a narrated PowerPoint. These will be uploaded to Seesaw or Facebook and staff have received CPD on making this easier using our school YouTube channel. All staff have been provided with ’How to’ videos for supporting online learning. In addition, all teachers have been provided with an iPad/ filming clamp/wedge whiteboard to aid home learning videos.
  •  In order not to overload families, Teachers will archive Seesaw assignments a week after they have been posted.
  • Senior Leaders will continue to plan weekly science, topic and art work for all classes and teachers that can be used both as home learning and in school delivery. This will be available to teachers by Friday afternoon each week ready for the following week. These will be presented as a narrated PowerPoint and uploaded for teachers to Seesaw and Facebook. These sessions are triangulated to provide a whole school theme which may reduce stress for families with siblings at school so that they can focus on the same learning opportunities.
  • In order to sustain the well-being of all children and staff whilst being mindful of the adverse effects too much screen time may have, we will ensure that every Wednesday follows our Chilli Unplugged thematic learning. Families will receive a video every Tuesday night presenting a range of unplugged activities for the following day that do not involve a screen. This video will also be provided by senior leaders.
  • All children have been provided with access to: Bug Club/ Spelling Shed/ Numbots/ TT Rockstars and teaching staff will manage and monitor their children’s usage and accounts.
  • Home learning packs have been provided to all children not in school. These have included essential resources such as: exercise books and stationery.
  • School have been allocated 20 laptops from the Dfe and 4 Chromebooks. We have also purchased an additional 7 Chromebooks that to be issued to pupils.
  • All children at home have been licenced with an Office 365 account that entitles them to the full Office suite including Microsoft Office Teams. This allows for direct video calling from staff to children in order to maintain connections and solve any matters arising. All staff will blur their background when using Microsoft Teams and video calling.
  • All families have received a document sharing all their child’s relevant passwords as well as signposting to additional resources.
  • Class teachers will schedule at least one connection time session with children at home using Microsoft Teams. This is a pastoral conversation focused on a weekly theme referencing our school well-being key performance indicators. Staff must ensure they blur their background for this.
  • Staff in age phases are encouraged to collaborate in order to share best practice and reduce workload where appropriate e.g connection time and share planning and resources.

Providing feedback on work

  • Teachers will respond to at least 3 Seesaw posts per day of which one must be written or verbal feedback. Teachers are expected to monitor those children not engaging with home learning and notify SLT via email each Monday morning highlighting these children. SLT will take the responsibility of making contact with the family and their child/ children.
  • With regard to the whole school learning themes- our families are well versed in celebrating the learning of others and recognising successes and creativity on our closed Facebook platform.

 Keeping in touch with pupils who aren’t in school and their families

  • A member of school staff will make regular contact (once every three weeks) with families via telephone or video call. These conversations will provide context and insight with regard to their pupils’ well-being and their engagement with home learning.
  • Senior Leaders will issue an electronic feedback form to all families at regular intervals.

Children and Families

Staff can expect pupils learning remotely to:

  •  Be contactable during the school day – although consider they may not always be in front of a device the entire time
  • To use all platforms in a responsible and safe manner. Families must all be aware that their child will have access to video calling via Office 354 and Teams so this will require safe monitoring.
  •  Complete work set by teachers to the best of their ability
  • Seek help if they need it, from teachers
  •  Alert teachers if they’re not able to complete work



Staff can expect families with children learning remotely to:

  •  Monitor and oversee their child’s learning.
  •  Ensure they maintain a discussion about online safety.
  •  Seek help from the school if they need it.
  •  Provide honest and open feedback to help improve our offer