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A unique group of seven Primary Schools and one Secondary School in the East of Newcastle upon Tyne

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Our Curriculum 

The Chillingham Road curriculum is underpinned by our purpose, vision and values.

  • Our Purpose: To nurture and empower the next generation.
  • Our Vision: To be an inclusive and reflective learning community.
  • Our Values: To develop the whole child, to celebrate diversity, to ignite curiosity and inspire creativity.

Each year group is provided with an ‘Opportunities and experiences’ overview  (OEO) which outlines what will be covered in that year group.

To provide further detail, each subject has a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that outline the expectations for that year group. The KPIs describe the progression of knowledge and skills across the school. This content must be covered and assessed within the year.

Each term, class teachers will plan a topic that uses a question as a hook for the learning as well as stimulate a line of inquiry. We will share these questions across the whole learning community.  The termly topic will incorporate as many curriculum areas as appropriate.  Opportunities to apply Maths and English skills will be planned and delivered through the topic.

Children will be given a wide variety of opportunities to express their learning and they will be encouraged to make choices about how they want to do this. We will continually challenge all children to  communicate how they learn best and encourage them to refine existing strengths and skills in addition to developing new ways of learning.

Rich, first-hand, purposeful experiences that are flexible and responsive to the needs and interests of the children will be planned to engage and inspire.  The use of educational visits and visitors to school will be carefully planned and integrated into the curriculum. Whole school themes and events are planned in advance so that we are able to build a high-level of engagement across the community.

Families will receive a curriculum booklet each term to give an insight into the curriculum areas that will be covered each term and thus support a dialogue with their child.

We will assess and evaluate the key performance indicators and curriculum on an annual basis in order to inform future development and improvements.

Please see the Key Performance Indicators for each subject and year group below:

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