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A unique group of seven Primary Schools and one Secondary School in the East of Newcastle upon Tyne

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You may have noticed some changes and new faces to our Governing Body recently. As a school, we have always valued the strength and skills of our Governors. Undoubtedly, Chilli Road has always been supported by a team of committed and highly-skilled Governors. 

 Our current structure of Governance has 3 committees and a                            Full Governing Body:

  • Premises/Environment and Community Committee
  • Staffing and Finance Committee
  • Performance and Curriculum Committee

 Unlike many schools, we have a higher than average proportion of Parent Governors. This demonstrates how much Chilli Road values the role of families in our school.

Meet our Governors


Chair of Governors- Shirley Mills- I have been a governor at Chilli Road for four years and Chair for most of that time. I had been a governor at West Jesmond Primary and Heaton Manor for many years before that, and was Chair of the Ouseburn Learning Trust (which I helped to set up) for five years. It’s fair to say that I must like meetings! I absolutely love music, dance and indeed all of the arts, and am also a trustee of Circus Central. I also love walking, sailing, reading and cooking. I am really proud of the work we have done on wellbeing, for the whole school community but especially for the children. Happy children can learn well and I believe we have a happy school!

Vice Chair of Governors and Premises,Environment & Community Chair - Sean Robson- 

Staffing & Finance Committe Chair- Dave Tubby

Dave is Senior Minister at Heaton Baptist Church and has a real heart for the local community. He’s been a governor at Chilli Road since February 2020 and has six years of being a school governor before then. This includes being Chair of Governors of a primary school in Birmingham where he lived before moving to the North East in 2018. He has two children, both of whom have now graduated from Chilli Road. He is a passionate football fan (Brentford!) and enjoys walking in the hills and along the North Eastern beaches.

 Staffing and Finance Committee Members:

Dave Tubby (Chair), Shirley Mills, Sarah Jacobs, Fergus Westwood, Sean Robson, Ben Wassall, Erika Allen (Associate)

Curriculum & Performance Committee Members:

Shirley Mills (Chair), Elise Danks, Annie Walker, Sarah Jacobs, Ben Wassall, Erika Allen (Associate), Helen Gorsky (Associate),

Premises, Environment & Community Committee Members:

Sean Robson (Chair), Sean Thompson, Shirley Mills, Chris Boyle, Ben Wassall, Erika Allen (Associate)

Pay Review Group:

Dave Tubby, Shirley Mills and Sean Robson

Admissions & Appeals:

Sean Robson, Dave Tubby (plus any other governor not involved in initial decision making as necessary)

Link Governors:

Link Governors



Sarah Jacobs

Safeguarding / Child Protection

  Shirley Mills

Pupil Premium

Sarah Jacobs

Safer Recruitment

Shirley Mills, Ben Wassall, Erika Allen, Sean Robson

Early Years

Sean Robson


Erika Allen

Child in Care

Sean Thompson


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