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A unique group of seven Primary Schools and one Secondary School in the East of Newcastle upon Tyne

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NSPCC Support

This week, the NSPCC delivered key assemblies for Reception, KS1 and KS2.

Safeguarding your child is everyone’s responsibility and as a school we have a duty of  care to:

  • Protect children and young people at our school from maltreatment.
  • Prevent impairment of our children’s and young people’s health or development.
  • Ensure that children and young people at our school grow up in circumstances       consistent with the provision of safe and effective care.
  • Undertake that role so as to enable children and young people at our school to have the best outcomes.

We are fully aware that preventing abuse and keeping our children  safe isn’t simple     however the NSPCC has information, advice, resources and more to support all of us and make things a little easier.  You can find our school’s Safeguarding and Child Protection policy on the website... Our school> Policies> Safeguarding and  Child Protection policy.

Kindest Regards, 

Benjamin Wassall