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Welcome back!

What a great day back! It was marvellous to see so many happy and shiny faces throughout the whole school; each with a story to share. Firstly, I wish to welcome all of our new children (over 20!) and families in to our community. I am confident that our established families will provide you with as much support as you require and please remember that you can approach any member of staff with any question.

Our new Nursery children were straight into the sandpit and building castles whilst Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 all appeared pleased to see each other and able to recommence their learning through story and play.

Throughout KS2, the vibe has been excellent and each class were calm, focused and pleased to be back. Clearly, this climate of learning and happiness does not just appear and manifest from nowhere so I wish to thank all of the staff throughout school for their hard work and efforts throughout the summer and over the two training days.

As a school, we are in an excellent position to provide  a safe, happy and meaningful education for your child due to the fact that we are committed to establishing and nurturing genuinely positive relationships with everyone in our learning community. Schools have been under such pressure financially for the last 5 years so any announcement with regard to extra funding or even the end of 'austerity' is welcomed however there is an awful lot that could happen between now and the next financial year!

With this is mind and with the many opinions, beliefs, cultures and humans represented at Chilli Road, I sincerely ask that we focus on our children and engaging them so they feel inspired learn, curious to enquire, confident to share and happy to express themselves honestly. We must continue to collaborate and work together in the interests of all our children throughout these next few weeks so they have a strong foundation to learn and are able to create many happy memories in their new classes.

Alone, we are powerless. Together, we are strong.

Kindest Regards,

Benjamin Wassall