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School Meals

At Chillingham Road Primary School we strive to be a healthy school.

Thanks to the expertise and commitment of Mary our Chef and her great team, all of our school meals are cooked on site and are thoughtfully prepared.

 There is a high expectation around standards of behaviour in the dining hall as we aim to achieve a relaxed, homely, café style atmosphere. Exemplary manners at all times are our tradition and all children are expected to clear their table carefully each and every day.

Each Friday, our lunchtime facilitators choose one child from every year group following the weekly marbles focus to be on the top table. The top table is announced via a video to each class from Mr Wassall. Since Covid-19, our top table will remain in their class bubble for the top table.

Since September 2014 all pupils in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 will be able to receive a school meal at no cost to the family.

Children respond positively to a caring, happy atmosphere where their welfare is paramount and being at school certainly assures that. Eating nutritional, well balanced meals at school also plays an important part in this and is unquestionably the core to a healthy school life. Children can sit with their class friends whether they have packed lunch or school dinners

Part of the Government advice is that sweets and fizzy drinks are not permitted in schools and that there should be a limit of 1 bag of crisps and 1 biscuit or cereal bar. Families have been very supportive about finding healthy and affordable alternatives to sweets. We often spot children eating homemade pasta salads, rice dishes and soups.

Cost of School Meals


School meals cost £2.20  per day (£11 per week)- This is for Years 3-6

Nursery school meals cost £2.10 per day.

You can choose how many school meals your child has on a week by week basis but we ask that payment is made in advance on a Monday.

Free School Meals for Key Stage 2

If you are on income support or receive certain other benefits your child is entitled to free school meals.

This is worth £370.50 per child per year.  You can acquire an application form from the school office

We have a colour system for Key Stage 2 meals.

How the system works:-

  • School menus are on a three week rota.
  • Each morning when the teacher takes the dinner register your child will need to say the colour choice for the meal they would like.
  • Our children will then select a red, blue or green tray when it is time for their dinner.


The menus are available below:




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Top Table

Each Friday, children across the school are nominated for our TOP TABLE. Our lunchtime facilitators nominate 7 children from Reception to Year 6 each week who have made positive contributions over the lunchtime. The results of these are shared via video link on Friday morning. Mary, our chef supreme, decorates and organises a special table where the children are served first and given some extra attention.

 Waste Warriors

As a school, we have been collaborating with Project Bind to reduce food waste across the whole school and raise the awareness and conscience of our Chillizens. Please see the results from our first audit in November 2022.

results of audit 1 chilli rd.pdf


eat smart teacher introduction 2 .pdf