A Host of Golden Daffodils

7th April 2015

What a great end to our spring term this week has been.  The week stated with a bang with our children taking part in our traditional Ouseburn Learning Trust singing event at the City Hall. We were joined by all the other schools in our partnership. This is a terrific event and our children sang beautifully. I was so proud of them all. A big thank you to all our families for all their support.  All the schools used the week as a launch for out Trust and we held a Big Draw event here with Kate Hancock, Ingrid Fuller and Donna Cheshire inspiring not only our children but others from the partnership who joined us to produce some stunning art work. There was a lot on offer at all our partner schools this week and Year 5 visited Ravenswood and had a great time playing rugby on their field. Year 3 and Year 4 took part in a sports competition with Miss Jones and had a great time. Some very hard working girls in Year 4 , Bobbie, Eden, Leah, Ruby B, Layla, Ruby N, Daisy and Rihanna with help from Lauren in Year 6 were very keen to do some fundraising all by themselves to raise money to Save Our Arctic Seas. They did a great job and I am very proud of their determination and independence in organising this event. Our youngest children entertained us with some lovely and enthusiastic singing at their traditional daffodil tea to round off the term. They were not only superstars but smarty pants as well! I do hope all your daffodils made it home in one piece.

Elsewhere in the school Y6 have been getting to grips with lung capacity and getting some practice in at reading scales. Year 3 have been finishing their project on volcanoes and have produced some stunning models. Year 2 have been creating Easter treats – Fair trade of course! Year 1 have had a great time finding out about local hero George Stephenson and all things to do with engines. Playgroup have had great fun recycling and shredding paper. Nursery have been doing some still life paintings of daffodils and have made a fantastic job. Reception had their traditional Easter Bunny hunt. What a fantastic week in school.

Mrs Armstrong has been telling me how delighted she is with the progress that Lexi has made with her reading and writing. She also wanted me to know how clever Yuxuan is as he now knows all his sounds. You are both superstars! Mrs Robson and Mrs Williamson are very proud of Dylan, Louie, Adil, Gwen, Jason, Jasmine and Dilhan for achieving Level 12 on the Beebot game and using their knowledge of directions to help them. How clever you all are because it’s not as easy as it looks!  Mrs Knowles in Year 2 was very pleased with Himshu, Emily M and Adam for their super work at partitioning and checking using an empty number line. Well done! Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Dunn  in Year 3 were very impressed with Charlie and his super knowledge on their topic about volcanoes, with Lara because she is such a  superstar and always tries her best and is kind and generous to her classmates. She also mentioned Lauren who is really working very hard with her maths and  is making super progress. You amaze me! Ms Taylor in Year 4 was very proud of Bobbie, Hiven, William and Adam for all the effort they put in to all their work all the time. What a lovely compliment! Ms. Taylor also mentioned Lina and her fantastic effort in netball and with the ipads. Well done! In Year 5 Ms. Gorsky mentioned Nathan and Tallie who have both made fantastic effort in the recent maths and reading assessments and have got excellent marks. Well done! She also mentioned the whole class for their fantastic effort with their Victorian rooms which they built in a shoebox. I marveled at the detail, everyone a work of art in miniature. In Year 6 Mrs Andrews wanted me to know about Max and how he kept going in the Street Dance session despite having an injury. What courage Max and what resilience! Neil was mentioned for his continued progress in writing and in reading. Keep it up Neil! It will make such a difference to you. Mrs. Andrews also mentioned Laney who has really worked very hard and especially put in some super work with Ms. Knowles on her volume work in maths.

It has been an action packed term and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our families for their unfailing support. We couldn’t do our job without your support and commitment. We share, with you, the one goal of ensuring our children achieve their dreams and aspirations. I look forward to our final term of this school year and all the future successes it holds for the children. Have a restful Easter break.

Karen Elliott