A Learning Conversation Tool

We are investigating how to deepen the conversation with our families and children on the subject of learning. Mr Wassall has created a resource using the Book Creator App and will be using this to support conversations with the children during assemblies. 
There will be more images of our own pupils to support the resource, once we have all the data collection sheets returned. In the meantime, please begin the conversation with your children at home and give us some feedback. You can select the questions that will be more appropriate for our Geniuses in the Early Years. 
You can view the resource here as a video or download the ePub link and play via eBooks on an Apple device. Alternatively you can download as a PDF.
As you will see, this is version 1.1 and will hopefully develop and grow based upon your input. When using the video, we would recommend that you pause the clip after each question. 
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