Agreed Key Performance Indicators 2017

Over the last term, we have been producing our own Chilli Road tracker to assess your child's progress through the core subjects of the curriculum.
The documents below show the key knowledge, skills and understanding required for each year group. We will formatively and summatively assess your child's progress in relation to these key performance indicators.
At the end of each academic year, we will assess if your child has met the expected standard for reading, writing and mathematics. Some children will not meet the expected standard for their year group and it will be these gaps that naturally become your child's next steps. This key information will now be more easily tracked from year to year.
There are many children who exceed the expectations of their year group and we will also celebrate this success with you and ensure they are challenged to venture deeper into these areas of the curriculum.
It is our intention to develop similar documents for all areas of the curriculum as well as indicators that relate to their growth and development as human beings and our shared values.