Amazing Heaton

7th December 2014


I was reminded this week of what an interesting and rich community our school is part of. All last week our Year 6 children and Heaton History Group with Chris Jackson, Anne Denton, Jeanie Molyneux, Arthur Andrews, Heather Holmes and Kate Hancock working with two archivists Peter Hepplewhite and Neil Tonge explored Tenth Avenue during WW1. What was so fascinating was the interesting stories they unearthed of spies, zeppelins, radio operators, heroes, fundraisers, charity workers and writers who were all living in Tenth Avenue during the Great War. The children learnt how to master getting information form census and newspaper reports. Year 6 were in pairs and were given a house number and some clues to find the story. These were fascinating and the children found the work very exciting and thrilling. A group of parents John Hulme, Hilary England, Katie Watson, Ingrid Fuller, Donna Cheshire and Della Clark supported the children in their investigations. The children then put together a model of each house and its story. This formed part of their assembly which we were privileged to see this week. Year 6 even learned to knit! I was impressed by the amount of work the children put into finding out about their stories and piecing together the clues. They have put on an exhibition of their work in the library and this will form part of our exhibits in our school museum and digital apps. I know how much they enjoyed this work and I hope you can get a flavour of this work form the photographs. It would seem that Heaton has always been an exciting and vibrant place to live with resourceful and amazing families. I do hope many of you will pop into the library to see these fantastic stories


No matter where we start our lifelong journey of learning we can always learn more and this thirst for knowledge was no more evident than in our Playgroup which opened its doors this week to our new families. What fun the children had. A big thank you to Ms Low and her team for making the opening go so smoothly. Katie Watson baked one of her famous cake especially.


We had an impromptu visit from the fire service to ensure our first fire drill with our new fire alarm system worked and Adam was recruited to help the fire service manage the two buildings.


Nursery were having a fantastic time exploring a black and white theme this week and ordered the largest collection of pandas I have seen. They had great fun and maybe our local teams winning streak is all down to the interest of our Nursery children. Year 3 were off on a field trip to the Winter Gardens in Sunderland to experience a rain forest as part of their class project. They had a fabulous time and I had some lovely complements about their behaviour, manners and sheer enthusiasm for their learning. We rounded the week off with a wonderful performance of The Snow Bears by Chris Bostock and Ken Pattinson who had the children enthralled with their magical storytelling, music and puppetry.


Hamadri and Raimiy in Reception have amazed Mrs Armstrong with their wonderful Diwali pictures this week. Ella M has also impressed everyone with the effort she is putting into her phonics. Amazing! Niamh, Stella and Helar, in Year 1, have made Mrs Robson and Mrs Williamson’s week with the super attitude they have to all their work even the aspects of their work they find a little tricky. You are all making super progress and I am so very proud of you. In Year 2, Mrs Knowles wanted me to know how hard Chanelle is trying and putting in super all round effort into all her work. She has also been impressed with Joe and how hard he is working on improving his handwriting. Finally she wanted me to know how delighted she is with Peter, Dex, and Liam have been working in developing their reading and in particular answering questions about what they have read. How very grown up of you! Well done. Mrs Dunn and Mrs Robson were delighted with their whole class and their can do attitude to their work. Brilliant! Ms Taylor in Year 4 felt I should know about the amazing homework Erin produced which was her version of a code breaking machine, named Erigma! How clever you are! She also told me about the tremendous writing Bobbie had produced and she moved the whole school when she read it out in assembly. You amaze me! Also in year 4 Samuel is mentioned for his fantastic effort with his writing this wee, Hannah for being such a supportive peer and Megan for working hard to stay calm and explain her feelings. How mature you all are. I couldn’t be more proud of you, well done! In Year 5 Ms Gorsky was delighted with the high quality of the improvement in the writing that Leo, Kuba, Holly, Lucy H, and Emily have produced. She told me it had blown her away. I am very proud of you all. Ms Andrews in Year 6 thought this week her class need two mentions. The class have had three trips in the last two weeks and their behaviour has been exemplary on each occasion and she had nothing bit praise for each and every one of you for your commitment to your work in History week. You really are a class in a million. A sure sign of your mature attitude to your learning! Well done to all our superstars this week.

Top attending class were Year 6 and Year 3 who both  gain 5 minutes extra playtime.


Finally I look forward to seeing you at our traditional Christmas Nativity when you can take a little break from the madness of the season to reflect on the things that really matter in our lives – our amazing children!


I look forward to next week and sharing with you the achievements of our wonderful children. Enjoy your week!


Karen Elliott