Anti-Bullying Week!

21st November 2014

It has been another wonderfully exciting week in school and I will update you on our total for Children in Need – once we have counted the mountain of 5p pieces!! Thank you very much for allyour support - we couldn't do it without you.

Year 6, have been to visit Northumbria University, as part of the Apprentice Students on Campus scheme. This is a day packed full of activities with a focus on developing teamwork, raising aspirations and higher education opportunities. We are so lucky to have two such world class universities in our city and I know many of our students will aspire to attend one of them. This is something, that as a Trust, we are very keen to develop and why we have both Northumbria and Newcastle Universities as our partners. Our job is to ensure our children have the best and biggest range of choice in life as possible and ensuring they have the best possible education will enable them to exercise that choice.

Nursery have been working on work related to Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week and what a fantastic time they have had. I popped in this week and shared some of the fun. Last week we had such excitement with Children in Need that I didn’t share with you some of the wonderful work our children did on Remembrance. Reception and Year 4 made some amazing poppies and Year 4 even did some dance work inspired by the theme of Remembrance so I have included them in the pictures at the bottom.

Year 3 have been looking at fossils and bones and creating their own dinosaur skeletons and pretty impressive they are too as you can see!


 Mrs Armstrong, in Reception, wanted me to know how fantastic Charlotte was in demonstrating great understanding of Remembrance Day. She was also delighted with Owen’s progress and he is always polite and enthusiastic. How clever you both are and what superstars! Mrs Robson and Mrs Williamson, in Year 1 were especially pleased with Charlie, Chloe, Dilan, Eva, Tyler and Dylan F for trying so very hard with their writing and the huge improvement they have made. Fantastic news and what shining stars you all are! Mrs Knowles in Year 2 mentioned the excellent progress Hannah, Emily M, Evie, Max and Adam have made with their swimming and they are all able to swim in the deep end! What an achievement and I am so proud of you all!  She also mentioned the whole class for their fantastic trip they had to the Quayside. Well done all of you! Mrs Robinson and Mrs Dunn, in Year 3told me how well Kasey has worked on her amazing artwork and the brilliant questions that Ella asked during the Zoolab visit. In fact the Zoolab teacher commented that the whole class was the best he had worked with for their caring behaviour when handling the creatures and their enthusiasm for their learning. What a lovely complement Year 3. Ms Taylor, in Year 4, was over the moon with the brilliant effort Alana has been making with all her work especially the bits she finds a little tricky. How mature you are becoming, well done! Ms Gorsky, in Year 5 has been amazed with the progress the whole class have been making with their writing. I can’t wait to see what you will achieve when you are in Year 6. Well done! In Year 6 Mrs Andrews wanted me to know about how brilliant Louis, Myles and Adam have been in explaining mathematical methods to other children in the class. They were clear in their explanations and very helpful.  You amaze me! She also told me about the great progress Harry is making in improving his writing. Keep it up, Harry!  She also wanted me to know how brilliantly Summer and Lauren Rose worked together on their fraction work. Heady stuff! You are certainly full of surprises Y6 and you make me very proud.


Top attending class are Year 3 with 100% who gain 5 minutes extra playtime.

We end this week as the anticipation builds for our Family Music Night this Friday. I can’t wait! I look forward to sharing all the joys and fun of our wonderful children’s amazing learning journey

Karen Elliott