Autumn- Week 1

11th September 2015
Phew! It's true that we've all been exceptionally busy this week and the buzz around school of children and adults sharing their holiday experiences and sorting out who's who in their playground games has been great to hear.
As a school, we've primarily focused on the smile this week. Charles Darwin's facial feedback hypothesis suggested that emotions could be altered by the facial muscles' activity. So, when our brains feel happy, we smile; when we smile, our brains feel happier.
In addition to smiles, Pizza has been the order of the week. "Know your pizza kids!" -Adults divin fret. The discussion around pizza has centred around some basic fractions. If a whole pizza represents the 24 hours in a day, then a half would show the amount of time we are asleep (I wish!). If we slice the remaining half into quarters, we have two quarters left. Sorry to be obtuse; the kids got it! One quarter represents the 6 hours at school (well 6 hours and 20 minutes to be precise) and the final quarter is our free time; before and after school. Using this model simply reflects how important our home life is.
A huge thankyou to Reception class for welcoming me into their plush surroundings this week as we read the great book that is Supertato. Keep an eye out for those cunning peas kids and gobble them up when you see them. This story sparked a stirring conversation around a collective love of green food. 
It is already clear that Year 1 are happy to welcome back Mrs Hamil and there has been many a smile appearing throughout the week. One of my favourite quotes this week was chatting to Dora over a piece of sponge and custard. She remarked how "everyone" was her friend in Year 1. This is undoubtedly setting the benchmark for where we all could try and be. 
Please forgive the lack of photos from today's achievement assembly. We're still waiting for all the data sheets back and family consent for the use of photos on line. Let me just say, there was an abundance of smiles and a healthy portion of groovy dancing, predominantly from Year 3 lads. Potential we have. 
Each class have shown a collective enthusiasm and energy that has made the school a special place to be this week so thanks for this, both kids and staff. I've embedded a few clips below used in the assemblies this week. 
Final thanks to you our families for keeping all our prodigies safe over this summer. I've also noticed a large proportion of jumpers, hoodies and cardigans labelled with names so thank you. The bell will toll when we reach the full quota. Helping our children to be organised and carefully building their independence is a long term goal so let's begin and achieve that through play, creativity and enquiry.
P.S- Ingrid, Dylan and Eden. The apple cake was Berry Berry Hollywood. Much appreciated. 
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