Autumn- Week 3

20th September 2015
Wednesday is an important day in the scientific and astronomical calendar because it is the Autumn Equinox. Equinox literally means equal nights, that is because on Wednesday the amount of daylight and night will be the same or equal.
Over this week, in assembly, we will be going a little scientific. We will investigate how the earth orbits (goes round) the sun and how long this journey takes. We will try and understand more about day and night. In addition, we will delve a little deeper, into understanding how we have 4 different seasons on planet Earth.
Just to get you all into the spirit of Autumn, which will begin on Wednesday; I thought that I would set you a little home quiz. It's very simple. Just try and answer the 10 questions below which relate to the short clip from one of my favourite websites, BBC class clips. 
Click here to watch the clip.
Quick Quiz
Question 1- Which fruit is being harvested from the trees in the orchard?
Question 2- Did you get a glimpse of the bird on top of the Stag's head? What type of bird was it?
Question 3- Can you name the black fruit being picked from the hedgerows?
Question 4- Where do you think all the swallows are flying off to?
Question 5- What is the scientific word for animals that are active during the night?
Question 6- On which dates is Halloween and Bonfire night?
Question 7- What scientific process do you see happening to the leaves?
Question 8- What is the scientific name for the mushroom family?
Question 9- Which season comes after Autumn?
Question 10- What do many mammals do in winter? zzzzZZZZZZZZZ!