Book Week

27th February 2018
This morning all of our children from Year 1 to Year 6 organised into their 6 teams for a story session.
Each teacher shared one of their favourite stories with the Team as part of Book Week. Here is a list of other activities taking place this week.
  • Drop Everything And Read Day (on World Book Day Thursday 1st March). Everyone in school (adults too) bring in something to read (book, comic, magazine, e-reader) and every time they hear the bell ring they drop what they are doing and read for 20 minutes.


  • All week English lessons in every class will be about a new non-fiction book. Classes will share their books during the Friday Forum at 9:10am.


  • Book swap stall – children can bring in an old book they no longer want and swap it for another one (no cash involved). Last year this was a really successful event which the family reps organised, we had enough donations for everyone to take home at least one book


  • Reading Breakfast – families can come and enjoy a croissant, a drink and a story with their child before school (8:30am) on Friday 2nd March. Each child who comes will get a raffle ticket with a prize draw in Assembly. This was a very popular event last year.


  • Special assemblies teachers will read their own favourite books to their team, the children will hear about National Book Week books which they can buy with the £1 vouchers.


  • Designing book tokens and a competition about books for each key stage



  • Paired reading  - little ones with big ones


  • Reading for pleasure children bring in a favourite book, a blanket or cushion from home (and a teddy) and make a cosy classroom for a reading session. Families can join in.


Newcastle libraries are a great FREE service. We would like to encourage any children who are not already members to join up. If parents can fill in the enclosed form and send it back to school before half term, we can then give out library cards during BOOK WEEK.

Let’s make Chilli Road even more of a Reading School!