Chair's Welcome

12th November 2015

Autumn has everything, doesn’t it - glorious golden mornings, gloomy grey afternoons, pumpkins, turning leaves, fog, football, fireworks….and a new school year.Sometimes we forget that the school year is new for everyone, every year - different teachers, different children, different topics - and of course at our school this autumn we’ve even got a new Head Teacher.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to work together to think afresh about learning – what is our vision for our school as a learning community? How do we want to work with friends, children, families and colleagues to achieve that vision?

I had the pleasure of reading with one of our children this week. It reminded me of one of the most important features of learning, which is that we do it so much better together. Asking questions, exploring ideas, imagining new worlds – two heads are always better than one!

So I’d like to invite us all to think about how we can help each other to learn something new this year in our learning community. And what would we each like to learn? I’ll start off – I’m going to help some children learn to read, by reading with them; and I’d like to learn more about understanding and using data….I think Mr. Wassall is going to help me with that one!

 Best wishes and happy learning – Katherine Zeserson, Chair of Governors