Chilli Values and British Values

6th January 2017
It's been a great return and beginning to the new year. We have spent the last two afternoons collaborating in our teams from Year 1 to Year 6. In total, we have six teams at Chilli Road:
  • Baltic
  • Discovery
  • Life
  • Sage
  • St.James'
  • Tyne
This is one way we are able to encourage friendship and develop relationships across the school. The teams are a combination of children from Year 1 - Year 6. This year we decided to keep siblings in the same team. Children will only remain in their teams for one academic year.
So far we have organised into teams for a range of activities and purposes:
  • Smart School Council Model. Every child at Chilli Road is part of the school council and has the opportunity in their team to discuss issues that interest them. This year, we will be having teams meeting every two weeks and will be developing the model so it becomes more democratic and accountable. We are currently planning new developments for this model. If you want to know more. Please see- 
  • To create our definition of bullying and develop the anti bullying pledge and power for good weekly award.
  • To incentivise excellent attendance through the weekly team awards. We do not organise children into classes for attendance but use the teams to calculate the mean % each week.
  • To award children for living the shared values of our school. Marbles are awarded to children each week with a shifting focus. This week, children were awarded marbles for good manners around the school and in the classroom. Next week, we are focusing on making good choices.
  • Sports day 2016- This was a real success. Take a look at some of the photos in the gallery. Undoubtedly, we are developing healthy competition in school and preparing children for the next stage of their education and life further down the line.
  • This week, the children have been developing the identity of their team and creating flags, songs, chants as well as playing a range of rich team building games. 
So, that is a brief summary of how we have integrated teams so far. Next week, we are having a focus on Equality in school. The 'Same but different' project from a few years back encapsulates the idea that we are celebrating at Chilli Road. Each child is unique and should have the confidence to be themselves. Our teams are different but all equal. 
As part of Equality week, we will begin conversations and start asking questions about the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King. In November 1967 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr made a gruelling 24-hour trip to the UK to visit the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and received an honorary degree. After being presented to the chancellor of the university as ‘Christian pastor and social revolutionary,’ he made a moving, off-the-cuff acceptance speech in which he spoke of his pleasure at receiving the honour, and identified racism, poverty and war as the three ‘great and grave problems that pervade our world.’ After a mere six hours in Newcastle, he took the train back down to London and thence flew home. Poignantly, this was to prove his last trip outside the Americas: 5 months later, the world was shocked at his murder.
We will be unveiling a whole school writing challenge for those children who wish to write and perform their own dream speech, outlining their vision for the future. In addition, the City Hall concert in April of this year will showcase songs of protest and hope. I hope you will be able to see some cohesion within our jigsaw. Please feel free to look at some of the questions we have been asking your children this week in the PowerPoint presentation below.
Kindest Regards,
Chilli Road.