Eagles visit school

12th April 2016
We were very pleased to meet Drew Lasker from the Newcastle Eagles who came to let us know about his journey and achievements in life so far
Drew is from Houston, Texas. Well done Iona for recalling the fact that Texas is the largest state in the U.S.A. It was interesting to hear Drew let us know how many different sports have been a part of his life and he was encouraging everyone at Chilli Road to take part in as many different sports and activities as possible because they are all valuable.
When asked how often he trains for, Drew remarked that he has always dedicated a lot of time to basketball and shared how he used to go the local park most nights with his friend to practise his skills. He has been in Newcastle for 10 years, but (Year 2 take note!) he started in Plymouth when he first arrived to the U.K.
Drew's message about not giving up and being a resilient human being echoed our whole school discussion about resilience on Monday. We learnt about Derek Redmond's Olympic Final heroism in 1992 when he finished the 400m race despite sustaining a torn ham-string. We are encouraging all of our children and community at Chillingham Road to build their reslience and never, never, give up.

 On Friday 22nd April at 7pm our school is having a fundraising event with Newcastle Eagles Basketball. All money raised will go to the school. We hope you can come and bring your extended family so we can enjoy the basketball together.

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