Everyone is learning!

22nd September 2014


What a settled time we have had in school. Everyone is well into the routines of their new class and children certainly seem to be enjoying their learning. All our clubs started this week and were very well attended. Our music tuition is well underway with children really enjoying working with musicians form Sage, Gateshead and Newcastle Music Service. It is certainly sounding great!


The term is getting into its momentum now. We have started learning our Harvest songs and elections for school council are underway. We have also begun our welcome meetings for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classes. We will give the Early Years classes a little longer to adjust to the world of school but we hope to hold these open afternoons shortly. These welcome meetings are so important as they offer us the opportunities of explaining, in a little more detail, how we, as a school, approach a range of issues and it helps make the school experience, we offer our children, as rich as possible. It also helps the school understand your views and help shape our policies.

Following on from our LPPA award and continuing our working in partnership with our families we have arranged for two parents  evening on 11th and 13th November for you to spend a little more time discussing your child with their teacher. Mrs Knowles has introduced the idea of parent class representatives who will be able to help remind parents in the yard about trips and class based activities. This supports the work of our Parent Governors. We hope to post the names of the parent class representatives on the notice boards shortly.


Year 6 are discovering the momentous events of World War 1 and will be looking at propaganda and equality through their literacy and PHSCE. Year 5 have wasted no time in finding out all about Egypt and are researching how this ancient civilisation became a super power which I am sure they will find fascinating. They have so many questions they want answering. Year 4 are immersing themselves in the Ancient Greece World with all its myths and legends. It has certainly captured their imagination and I know they will thoroughly enjoy themselves. Year 3 have risen to the challenge of Key Stage 2 with aplomb and are finding all about dinosaurs. Very exciting! Another local has caught the imagination of Year 2 who will be off to Bamburgh to kick start their work based on Grace Darling and lighthouses. It is a wonderfully heroic story and I know it will grip their imaginations. Year 1 are deep in the world of Castles and Dragons which will no doubt be action packed but not too scary! Our youngest children are also settling into their new environments very well. It’s all so new and exciting with every new day rich with learning and fun.


Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 have all begun their swimming lessons this week at Benfield Pool and everyone had a great time. Year 2 even got into the water on their first week. Fantastic news!


Reception amazed everyone this week by coming into assembly for the first time and sitting so beautifully. The whole school was very impressed and gave them a round of applause.

Mrs Robson, Mrs Hamil and Mrs Williamson in Year 1, were very proud of Charlie, Chloe, Dilan, Dylan, Eva and Tyler for their super work in comparing amounts in maths. Not only are you superstars you are smarty-pants too! In Year 2, Mrs Knowles, was delighted with the amazing swimming of Hannah, Chanelle and Jasmine who went swimming for the very first time with the school. Wonderful news! Mrs Dunn and Mrs Robinson were equally amazed at the sensible and mature behaviour and attitude of Sylvie who is a great role model and a real friend to others. They also wanted me to know about Kasey and her excellent knowledge of rock names. They were also full of praise for Kieron and his great effort with his maths. What examples you all are! Brilliant!

Miss Taylor, in Year 4, was very proud of Ruby B for asking fantastic questions to help her understanding in all lessons. I am very proud of you too Ruby! Mrs Gorsky has been very impressed with Callum’s great work with number patterns and column addition and with Emily and her fabulous and very exciting writing inspired by “The Tunnel”. Mrs Andrews was bowled over by the quality of the newspaper report Jenny, Tilly, Myles, Faye, Adam and Lauren H wrote inspired by the declaration of World War 1. You are amazing!


Top attending class are Year 5 with 99% who gain 5 minutes extra playtime.


The dinner staff have mentioned Gwen, Stella, Niamh, Dillon, Helar, Chloe and Joel for doing so well managing their school dinners.


Next week is looking very exciting with more fantastic opportunities for learning. I look forward to sharing all the joys and fun of our wonderful children’s amazing learning journey.


Karen Elliott