Feedback and Reflections

19th January 2016

As we continue into 2016 on our learning journey, it is essential that we create  more opportunities to reflect upon: our own progress, feelings and discuss these with others in school and outside.

As Head teacher, I have been inspired by the level of family engagement at the school and the depth to which our community roots are established. In order to plan for the next chapter in the history of our school, our staff and Governors believe that it is essential we work together in partnership so that  we can identify the aspects of school that need improving, continue to nurture and celebrate our strengths, as well as develop a modern and reflective shared language, vision and values.

Thanks to all our families who attended last week and gave us some very practical and valuable feedback as well as affirming a lot of the undoubtable great work that takes place at Chilli Road.

Please try and join us on the 29th if you missed this first opportunity. We hope that you will be able to share your thoughts, reflections and ideas with us and maybe take a family selfie?