Glad to be Back!

27th April 2015


Welcome back everyone and what glorious weather we have been having as we start our final term of this school year. It is a very busy term what with assessments, Y6 residential and the whole school play. Not to mention the class trips and assemblies that is part of the rich tapestry of life at Chillingham Road.
The term started with ten eggs being delivered ready to hatch. It was a nail biting time but by Thursday we had all but 1 of them hatched. It is always exciting watching these little scraps of chicks struggle out of their shells and into their new life. It has kept us all entertained for hours and what rich learning opportunities it has provided for our children. We have put some videos onto the website for you to see how amazing they are.
When we arrived back the Early Years yard had been resurfaced a brilliant blue. It now has some “turf” and the rest is covered with safety surface. Mr Eskdale and his team worked very hard over the holidays to get all the equipment put back and the look of joy on the children’s faces is priceless. Once we have reorganised the equipment into the new shed and storage units, dismantled the old fence we will have completed the building works we started last year. I can’t believe the change it has made to our school.  Hope that you will agree that it was certainly worth it.
During the holidays I took myself along to the gang show at the People’s and saw no fewer than eight of our children past and present take part in an excellent show. I know that they had rehearsed for months and all that hard work certainly paid off. Well done to Jenny, Lauren, Lauren Rose, Daisy, Eden, Suzie and old girls Madeleine and Lucy. Everyone a super star!
As you know we are trying to take part in as many sporting competitions as possible. Year 5 and Year 6 got straight into the swing by taking part in the Newcastle Cross Country Running Championships at Blakelaw. This is again something new for us but our children did extremely well for their first outing especially as they were running in some pretty unseasonal heat! Well done to
Louis, Adam, Kuba, Joel and Leon, To Natalia, Jenny, Desika, Paige, Laney and Freya, to Tommy, Jack, Drew, Leo and Shaun and to Holly, Emily, Shuhada, Faye, Brooke and Khadija. So flushed with their success we have entered a fun run at Paddy Freemans for Year 4 and Year 5 on Thursday morning 21st May. The Newcastle Sports 500 timetable has also been delivered so we shall be attending some of these events.
With so much going on there wasn’t time to have an achievement assembly bit I look forward to sharing the success of our wonderful children next week. Enjoy your week.
K. Elliott