Great News!

6th March 2015

What a wonderful week in school! Sometimes if I am very lucky I get to watch children really getting to grips with difficult issues such as fairness or caring for the environment on a global scale. It is really reassuring to see in our children real resilience and grit when faced with things that they feel deeply are wrong and hear their reasoned arguments as to what should be happening. Our leaders should listen and I think they would find it difficult to shrug off such persistence. We had a brilliant Fair Trade Day where the children were aghast at the unfairness of some business practices. Year 4 are planning a whole environmental campaign about Saving Our Seas and give me regular updates. School Council have come up with some great ideas for Red Nose Day, next Friday. I can’t wait!

As you know last week Governors were very busy selecting the new Head teacher. I am delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Benjamin Wassell as the new Head teacher at Chillingham Road Primary. This appointment follows a lengthy, rigorous and competitive selection process during which candidates were extensively tested on their suitability for this high profile position. This is a milestone appointment for our school and one which the Governing Body believes will be of enormous significance in realising the highest aspirations of our families and school.

On my travels around the school I managed to catch Playgroup making Fair Trade krispies and of course the best bit is the licking of the spoon! Huge excitement in the Early Years Phase as the Mud Kitchen has arrived! This is very exciting and thank you to Katie and Sean for all their hard work in completing this project. I can’t wait to have a go myself! In Nursery they have had a fabulous time blowing bubbles and seeing the patterns that they make on paper. Of course the tricky bit is remembering to blow and not suck! Year 3 have had a very exciting time using our new i-pads and I can’t wait to see how well our children manage the new IT curriculum. They have been looking at the skeleton and using x-rays to see what lies beneath our skin. Fascinating stuff! Year 4 are have started exploring the senses and have found it really challenging finding out what it’s like when one of our senses is impaired. Year 5 have amazed me with the skill with which they have built a system of pulleys using lego-technic. They really are a “hands on” class! They have had a very busy week and been out and about at Woodhorn Colliery as part of their history project and took part in a workshop about the Pitman Painters. I thought the wok the children produced inspired by what they saw was amazing and showed real sensitivity. Our badminton team took part in the Trust Badminton Tournament this week at Benfield School. We were not lucky enough to win this time but some of our children did very well with Leo wining every match. Most impressive! We have Year 3 and Year 4 football tournament at Benton Park coming up next, to show our metal.

Mrs Armstrong has told me how proud she is of Robin and Callen for their super improvement in their reading. How very clever of you! Mrs Robson and Mrs Williamson, in Year 1, are delighted with Gwen for generating a fantastic and exhaustive list of words ending in “er”. You amaze me! They also wanted me to know how delighted they are with Gwen, Chloe, Leonie, Elsa, Jasmine, Tasawar and Niamh who have all got full marks in their spelling test. What superstars you all are! Mrs Knowles in Year 2 wanted me to know about the super cross stitching Himshu, Peter and Harriet have produced as part of their puppet project. She was also really impressed with Peter and how he used his imagination when making the head for his puppet. Brilliant! Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Dunn in Year 3 were staggered by how well Sylvie has been doing with her maths work. They also wanted me to know about the fabulous story writing that Suzy and Paige had done. Finally they felt that Nshwa had worked very hard at her maths and thoroughly deserved her mention. I am so very proud of you all and what determination you all have to do well! Ms Taylor in Year 4 has been knocked out by Jayden’s enthusiasm for his learning. She is also very proud of Alice and Sarah for being very brave and working hard. Well done all of you. We also welcome back Leah to our school. We have missed you!  Ms Gorsky in Year 5 wanted me to know how impressed she is with Owen, Shaz and Desika in their determination to master some tricky choreography in the Street Dance session. What admirable resilience!  She was also very proud of Shaz and Iona who wrote lyrics for out Fair Trade song the “Fair Necessities”. You amaze me! In Year 6 Mrs Andrews was amazed by the quality of the writing Louis and Lauren are producing. It really is of a very high standard. How very clever you are! We ended our Fair Trade Week with two versions of the “Fair Necessities” from Year 5 and Year 6. We are all much better informed about Fair Trade and the power we all have to affect change. The amazing Fair Trade cake baked by Katie Watson was raffled off and everyone had everything crossed to win but there could only be one winner - Suzy from Year 3. You will need all your weekend to eat that wonderful cake, Suzy!

Our top attending class   this week is Year 6 and gain 5 minutes extra playtime.


 I look forward to next week and sharing with you the achievements of our amazing children. Enjoy your week!


Karen Elliott