Harvest Home!

24th October 2014




      The first half term is drawing to a close and we thought we would end with a bang! As you know I am always so very proud of the children in this school but the Harvest Festival made me so proud of everyone. I have so enjoyed watching our children’s journey over this term. What a performance the children gave us. It was so entertaining as well as full of fabulous singing. The generosity of our families as always was outstanding. Thank you so much. I know I always go on about the children being our most precious harvest but in the hall with our families at Harvest Festival it really was true. Everyone’s effort in supporting and nurturing our children grow and develop was there for all to see.



Ms Gorsky together with some of our year 6 children and parents held the first round of auditions for Family Music Night which will be held at the end of November. This is an annual event which I know, for many of our families, is the high spot of the year and rightly so. Every year more and more children take part and the standard is always incredibly high. It really is our very own Chilli Road’s Got Talent! I know a lot of our children will be practising over the holidays to get their act to highest standard they can.


Year 6 and Year 5 had a visiting author, Jeff Norton, in this week and had a great time finding out how you write a best seller!  Year 4, Year5 and Year 6 held a reading session with families which were very successful. They all came in with cushions, dressing gowns, teddies, onesies and of course the object of the exercise a rollicking good read and bedded down to enjoy some reading for pleasure. There really is nothing to compare to curling up with a good read, is there? It was great to see children and their families cuddled together sharing a riveting read. Year 4 has paired up with Reception and Year 5 has paired up with Year, 1 as reading partners. It’s hard to see who has more fun the younger children being read to by the older children who are doing the reading!


Year 6 had a very important visitor in this week when Faye and Emily’s granddad came into share his childhood memories of World War 2 with the class. The children recorded the interview and found it absolutely fascinating.


Our gardening club have been very busy recently. It is very much a family club lead by Mr Thompson.  We do not have much in the way of grounds but what we have is really well used. It was lovely to see such recognition be given to everyone’s hard work. Chillingham Road was awarded first prize for in the community garden category  and then won an overall prize for outstanding effort for how they have managed our outdoor space at the front of the school. I always think our entrance is really set off by the lovely front garden that we now have, thanks to the gardening club. Congratulations to everyone!


Our Reception class took part in their first seasonal walk of the year exploring Heaton Park and at this time of year it is resplendent in all its autumnal finery. You don’t need to visit New England to see the “Fall” just pop over to our local park or Jesmond Dene.


The very talented Ms Hancock and her trusty band of parents and Governors have been very busy this half term decorating our newly completed areas of the school and breathing new life into the not so new areas.  Year 1 and Year 2 have been designing wonderful art work to make the Year 1 and Year 2 staircase more fun. Year 5 and Year 6 have been designing some unique art work for the dining room for everyone to enjoy. Ms Hancock has also been working with our Early Years children, parents and Governors to make our new Early Years entrance area more welcoming and vibrant with a real Chilli Road feel to it. It is all coming together beautifully and it is totally unique and very Chilli Road!


 Mrs Armstrong in Reception has shared with me how pleased she is with the whole class for all their hard work in settling into full time school. Well done everyone, you are all superstars! In Year 1 Louie, Helar, Swastika, Evie and Tasawer have really impressed Mrs Robson and Mrs Williamson with their blending of sounds in their reading. They are really taking off with their reading. Well done! Mrs Robson and Mrs Williamson also wanted me to know how fantastic the whole of Year 1 were on their castle hunting trip to Jesmond Dene. I am very proud of you all. Mrs Knowles wanted me to know haw hard Chanelle has been working not only at school but at home with her handwriting and what an improvement it shows. Brilliant! Mrs Knowles has been very impressed with Dennis who is getting top marks in his spellings. Fantastic! She was also full of praise for Jazmin who as been working very hard on her phonics. You have all done so well this week!  Mrs Robinson and Mrs Dunn have shared with me how impressed they are with Troy, Kasey and Poppy for their excellent listening and skill work in PE. Wonderful news! In Year 4 Ms Taylor has told me about the super homework has done at home and of how much extra work Ruby has been doing at home. What examples you are to the rest of the school. She also told me about the fantastic progress and effort Lina and Bobby have put into their swimming. They really are dedicated and determined. You amaze me! In Year 5 Ms Gorsky was very keen that I knew how hard Charlie and Paige N are working in their maths and of their absolute determination to master short multiplication.  She also wanted me to know of the fantastic effort Iona puts in to everything she does even when it is something she doesn’t enjoy. She always produces amazing homework and just loves learning. What a fabulous complement Iona.  Mrs Andrews was full of praise for Harry and his brilliant work on re-drafting his work linked to poster on propaganda. She also felt that she couldn’t let the half term end without mentioning Jenny and her amazingly consistent homework which has been of an incredible high standard. You are a very resourceful individual Jenny. I can’t wait to see what you will achieve next.


Top attending class this week with Year 6 with 100% and they gain 5 minutes extra playtime.

I hope everyone enjoys a restful break, after such a busy and eventful first part of our school year. Happy Diwali to all our families.  We have so much to look forward to next half term and I am looking forward to sharing with you the wonderful achievements by our amazing children.  Enjoy your break and thank you again for your generous Harvest gifts and your continued support because without it we couldn’t do the job we do!


Karen Elliott