Home Learning

The partnership between families and school has a positive impact on children’s achievement. 


 Well thought through homework activities are powerful tools to develop learning. Families are the most influential role models in any child’s life and helping them to become independent learners is an important life skill.


Opportunities to talk with each other are so important and reflect upon the day or week. Sharing feelings is crucial.  We recognise that all children need leisure time and hope that our guidance reflects a balance so children can extend and consolidate their learning with parental support while still allowing ‘down time’ with their family and friends.


We very much feel that hearing your child read and reading to them no matter how old they are is extremely valuable and your child will benefit greatly.  Asking questions about what they think is going on or why a character may be feeling the way they do about a situation is very helpful not only for their reading but also their writing. 



Practicing basic spelling patterns is also a valuable skill.


Basic numeracy skills to improve their fluency- such as tables and number bonds are also crucial in understanding patterns in number.  There are some learning activities such as spellings and tables that simply need to be learned and it is the speed and the accuracy of the recall that is so important.  


If you are unsure about how much help to give, you should discuss it with your child's teacher.They will be pleased to see you and will help you to get the balance right.  Together we can make a difference. Thank you for your support.