How to Animate.

12th October 2017
So forgive us- this has been a long time coming but finally; we would like to unveil one of our newest secret weapons of wonder...Tom Madge!
Back in  April, senior leaders and governors identified an emerging need in school about how to engage our children with digital media. 
After some digging, we made contact with Tom who is a parent at Chilli Road. Tom currently
works as a freelance animator and has previously worked  at Sunderland University and Newcastle Children's Hospital.
Tom is very passionate about the animation process and it's history. Over the summer, Tom has developed a bespoke program of activities for our children so they are able to build the practical and creative tools to become confident artists. The last few weeks have seen our Year 3 and 4 classes investigating movement and transformation.
Yesterday- the focus was the SKIT and story boarding the:
  1. SET UP- A situation or 'state that will change
  2. THE ACTION- The character does something or something happens which causes an important change
  3. THE REACTION- The change causes an unexpected knock on effect/reaction
We know that you will begin to love many of the creations coming out of these classes- There are a few clips below for you to enjoy and we are confident that more will follow. Tom will be joining Year 5 and 6 after Christmas and Years 1 and 2 in the Spring B term.