30th January 2015

What an exciting week in school and we even had snow this week! I happened to pop into our front garden to find our Nursery children doing a traffic survey of the vehicles on Chillingham Road. They have also been exploring making boats move by blowing and fanning air which, as you can see, was great fun. Playgroup have discovered the sensory room and had a fabulous time playing with the bubble tube. It is lovely to see this great resource back in use after having been "mothballed" for a year during the building works.Year 5 were working with Big Foot Theatre Company on a conservation project about gorillas. I was amazed at how much information they remembered when they presented their ideas. Year 6 have been baking bread as part of their micro-organisms project which is a fantastic way to learn about yeast and how we use science in food. More importantly the bread they produced was delicious!

I want to take this opportunity to share with you how mature and thoughtful our School Council are! As you know the project for School Council, this year,  is the redevelopment of the yard now we have re-sited the Early years Yard. They have devised a questionnaire for each child to complete and they will try to draw up a plan with milestones so we can get the yard redeveloped as soon as possible. I will keep you posted with their thoughts and ideas. As you know we operate a colour coded lunch for Key Stage 2 children so children can order the lunch they want. We have been using stickers to help this process. This usually works but sometimes the stickers get lost or children wear all the weeks’ stickers on their jumpers making it difficult for the dinner staff to serve the dinners efficiently. Holly in Year 5 suggested that School Council organise red, blue and green trays so it is clear to everyone what dinner has been ordered. How easy is that! Needless to say we have bought the coloured trays and are ready to start this new system on Monday.

On the training day at the end of this term all our partnership schools are meeting at Heaton Manor to discuss and share ways we have worked in partnership either with each other or our partner organisations. All the schools in our trust feel that this is the way forward to ensure high quality learning experiences for our children and training for our staff. This school is sharing how we have worked with Heaton Manor to support our delivery of French in Key Stage 2, PE and Design Technology. We have put together a short film which we will share at the conference. As a school we have not had a tradition of taking part in sporting competitions with the exception of swimming. But now we are working with Diana Jones, specialist PE teacher form Heaton Manor, we are putting that right. We took part in the basketball tournament at Heaton Manor with all our partnership schools. Although we won some and drew some and lost a few we didn’t get enough points to progress beyond the first round. But valuable tips and ideas were learned. Today a team of our Year 3 and Year 4 children took part in a “quick sticks” (that’s hockey to me) competition hosted at Ravenswood Primary and we won. Words cannot express how proud I am of our team. What a wonderful example of the impact of working in partnership!


 Mrs Armstrong wanted me to know about how well Jasmin is doing writing super sentences and also the great explanation Robin was able to give about his measuring in maths. Fabulous! What superstars you both are!  Mrs Robson and Mrs. Williamson in Year 1 were astounded by the fantastic behaviour of the whole class on their trip to the Centre of Life. They were exploring the planetarium as part of their space project. They also asked very intelligent questions!  I am so proud that you represented the school so well. Well done! Mrs Knowles, in Year 2 has been telling me about the tremendous effort Joe, Holly, Damaris, Emily M, and Matthew have put into their diary writing about Gregory Cool.  Well done and I look forward to the Year 2 assembly on Tuesday. Mrs Robinson and Mrs. Dunn in Year 3 were delighted with the excellent attitude Ella is putting into her work. What a superstar you are, Ella! They were also full of praise for Alex for his great work in English and Paige for super Maths work. Brilliant!  Ms Taylor in Year 4 is delighted with Jaydon, Jamie and Ruby B for their fantastic writing about Charlotte’s Web, their enthusiasm for writing stands out in their work. Wonderful news! She also mentioned Mehmetcan and his great enthusiasm for learning in every lesson. What more could anyone ask? Ms Gorsky was impressed with her whole class and their attitude and enthusiasm for the workshop they did on gorilla conservation with Big Foot Theatre Company.  What a success you will make of year 6 and beyond. In Year 6 Mrs Andrews has been telling me how impressed she is with Jack T and the detailed comprehension skills he is developing especially with understanding poetry. She is also delighted with Laney and the careful work she has been doing on reflection.  She is also very pleased with the quality and standard of the movement sequences Summer and Harry showed during PE. What lovely mentions this week form all classes.

This week our top attending class was Reception with 97% and they gain 5 minutes extra playtime.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the Year 2 class assembly next week our first class assembly of 2015! If you have any concerns about any aspect of your child’s work or school in general please don’t hesitate to contact us. We, like you, want the very best for our children and we can do that more effectively if we work together. I look forward to sharing more of our wonderful children’s learning journey next week and enjoy your week!

Karen Elliott