Happy New Year

8th January 2018

Welcome back folks,


Your children have shown real strength and resilience getting back into the swing of things this week– I will assume that many of you have also made the required shift. Obviously, we do not know if they transformed into wee terrors on the return home but I can safely say there has been a real   positive vibe across the whole school. This week is notoriously a challenge for us all as we navigate the darkness, incessant media (telling us what we need to do) and  call upon our immune systems to work overtime in order to ward off infectious organisms.


Our school will be 125 years old this year since it opened in 1893 as Chillingham Road Board School, with separate infant, junior and senior schools, each with their own head teachers. It seemed  rather appropriate that we began this week asking the children what the word ‘vision’ meant. The responses elicited moved from the literal to the metaphorical before arriving at one definition.


Vision= The ability to make imaginative plans for the future


As a staff, we met on Tuesday, and began to articulate which learning attributes we  consider important at the end of each key stage. These discussions led on to creating a bucket list of experiences for children by the end of Reception, Year 2 and Year 6. Over this Spring term, we will be inviting all of our children and families to do some visioning work with us so that we can develop a shared language and vision; for at least the next 5 years.


Along with preparation for the Ouseburn Learning Trust -City Hall concert at the end of the term, this work related to our vision will take priority over the Spring and thus allow our staff, children  and your good selves to focus on the bread and butter of learning and being.


I would like to wish you all everything that is said in French at the top of this page for the new year, especially health, love, luck and peace.


Kindest Regards,


Benjamin Wassall