Annus Mirabilis

20th July 2014


As we end our final week of school I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all our families for all their support and commitment in making Chillingham Road such a happy and successful school. We have had a wonderful year full of so many highlights too numerous to mention. I know every year I am amazed at what fantastic and interesting opportunities our children experience. The staff work very hard to ensure the children are at the heart of the learning experience and we all firmly believe that happy children are achieving children.


Our Year 6 children did very well again in the end of Key Stage 2 SATs. Chillingham Road consistently achieves very good results and this year was no exception. I am waiting for this data to be checked by the DfE


This is due to all the hard work the children and staff have put in but also all the support form our families. We couldn’t do it with out you! I am so very proud of all our children and their tremendous progress is richly deserved.


We say good bye to our oldest children and to our families who are moving away. No one ever leaves the great Chilli Road family a little bit of us goes with you, and a tiny bit of you remains, we wish you every success for the future. We say farewell to Ms Hancock, who has a long and illustrious association with the school. We shall certainly miss her enthusiasm, energy and mighty heart. But as I said no one ever really leaves Chilli Road and she will be back to work on a range of projects and learning opportunities with our children. We are delighted to welcome Ms Gorsky to our school.The Year 6 Leavers Assembly was every bit as memorable as in previous years and as always had its fair share of laughs and tears.Ms Andrews and the class turned in a superb performance. We will miss you all but look forward of hearing of your outstanding achievements. You have been a wonderful Year 6 who have lead by example and I am sure will grow into fine young adults.


Children from Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year6 rounded off their year with a visit to Cragside in Northumberland which was a follow up from Our Grand Day Out. They looked at how ideas he had developed and played with in Jesmond Dene fired Lord Armstrong’s imagination at his new home at Cragside. The school received a lovely compliment from the staff at the estate not only about their exemplary behaviour but also their breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm. I was so very proud of everyone.

Year 5 and Year 6 panners took part in the North Tyneside’s Steel Pan Festival. This is a wonderful opportunity to play with other bands mostly, secondary bands, which are at a national standard. You will not be surprised to learn they more than held their own. What a talented bunch!

During the final stages of the re building works we have been without the computer suite. As some of you will know we are the only primary school in Newcastle  who is  running a Code Club. Prof Alun Moon form Northumbria University has been runningthe club for nearly a year and was able to let us use the  computers atthe university. This was a fanstastic opportunity for our  childrne and its  something we would like to develop next year.

As you will be  aware the government is introducing universal free school meals for every child in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 from September. I have met with parents to find out their views and the younger classes have had an opportunity to try  a school dinnner. Parents have also had a chance to sample the  menu. As you cna see our childrne tucked into the meal. I do hope parenst will take advantage of this offer as it wil save families nearly £10 per week and nearkly £400 each year per child.


We bid farewell to our Nursery class as they graduated. This is a fun event where our youngest children share their favourite aspects of learning with their families and sing their favourite songs. I was so impressed with how confident and mature they were. It was a lovely treat to end the term on and such fun. 


The sea was certainly popular this week. Year 1 had a fantastic trip to the seaside to round off their sea topic .Year 4 who shared the knowledge they had acquired this term with their coastal project in a spectacular assembly. They packed in every aspect of the curriculum – music, dance, drama, poetry, art, science, maths, history and geography. It was a master class in outstanding education.

We had an amazing maths development day for our  children with Liz Bailey. Classes1, 2,3 & 4 all went on a problem solving maths quest.They had to work very hard to solve all the puzzles and find the  treasure. They were having so much fun tehy didn't seem to realise justhow complex the maths was.

Every year the school awards a very special prize – the Alison Cole Award. This is in memory of a very special and inspirational individual who was also a parent. Each class nominates a child who has made a notable achievement to our school. This years nominees were Nate from Nursery, Chloe from Reception, Hannah  from Year 1, Suzy  from Year 2, Amy from Year 3, Leon  from Year 4, Jenny  form Year 5 and Georgia form Year 6. The winner was Jenny from Year 5 she wins the trophy and book tokens and will sit on School Council next school year. Ellen who was last year’s winner helped give out the prizes. This year was extra special as Alison’s family were bale to join in the presentation. It was lovely to see them all again.  Rosa and Reuben who used to come to our school helped present the prizes and certificates. Reuben is a gold medallist and national champion hurdler and Rosa has just finished her first year at Goldsmith’s College in London where she is studying writing. I think these are two young individuals we are going to hear a lot more  about.


This has been a year of wonders for sure with our children realising their potential and learning that as many hands build a house so many hearts build a school. We have some fantastic films and pictures on our website. Thank you Ben and Desty for all your help with recording our extraordinary year! We hope to develop some of the ideas which we have begun this year, next year.

I look forward to sharing with you more achievements of our talented and inspiring children next year. Have an enjoyable summer break and I hope the sun shines where ever you are.

Karen Elliott