Keeping our children safe

21st March 2017
We have been visited this week by Lisa from the NSPCC who came to thank everyone at Chilli Road for their outstanding fundraising efforts.
Back in January, all of the our children took part in a variety of activities to raise funds for the NSPCC and the work of Childline. There was a colour run organised in KS2 as well as various danceathons across the school. In total, we raised £1374.77 and it was our Reception class who managed to gather the most funds.
It was the family reps who decided that we would focus on the NSPCC this year and as a school we have really benefited from their guidance and various awareness initiatives. If you were to look at the e-safety section of our website, you will see that we have consistently signposted children and families to the 02 and tool. 
More recently, we have completed staff training related to 'sexting' and the pressures our children are under to share videos or images online. One no-nonsense and very insightful clip from the NSPCC is "I saw your willy" - you may find this a useful clip to share and reflect with your child.
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