Science Week 2016

21st March 2016
Thanks to Ms Andrews for organising our Science Week this year. We celebrated the last day of term by learning in our teams. This means that we collaborate across the year groups from Year 1 to Year 6 and support each other to learn new skills and investigate ideas.
We were supported this year by the Think Physics team at Northumbria University. Thanks to the project, each class was able to create their own moving light boxes. Ms Beckett and Mr Thompson supported Ms Andrews so each class could investigate. You may have seen some pics on our Twittere account?
We hopw you enjoy looking at some of the photos that include:
  • Rocket making with Mrs Nicholson.
  • Planting and investiagting seeds with Mr Thompson.
  • Investigating colour with Ms Knowles.
  • How to make gloop with Mrs Robinson (Check out the classroom!).
  • Investigating paper planes with Ms Gorsky.
  • Milk and bubbles with Mrs Knowles.
After the holidays, we will be eagerly awaiting our 'Rocket' seeds from the International Space Station as part of Tim Peake's national investigation. Thanks to Mr Thompson for sorting this out and we will keep you posted on the progress of our intergalactic seeds.