Summer Break

31st May 2015

This has been such a busy week in school with so much going on. Year 3 visited the Discovery Museum to support their science work. As always their behaviour was exemplary. Year 4 were put through their paces with the Cycling Proficiency team and everyone made the grade. What a relief! Year 5 were doing some follow work with Helen, from the European Space Agency about space junk which they very much enjoyed.  Our Reception Class had their Cinderella Ball to round off their half term project and they were so excited and really enjoyed each other’s company. It was a perfect way to round off the term. We had our usual end of half term inter year sporting competitions which are really challenging for our children. They get a chance to hone their skills in some tricky sports. This half term it’s been rounders and cricket. Year 5 joined in our Ouseburn Learning Trust cricket tournament at Ravenswood and had a fantastic time winning two matches and scoring lots of runs. Year 6 and Year 4 took part in a fun run at Paddy Freemans and really challenged themselves with JennyTait being the first to finish. Take a look at the action shots of the day. I know our children are enjoying their sport and really relishing the challenge of the competitions they are taking part in but the key point to all this sport apart from the healthy lifestyle is the ability to develop good sportsmanship and team skills. I think this week has certainly showed me that our children certainly win a gold medal for those skills. In fact another head teacher agreed with me and I had a lovely email from him praising the sportsmanship and behaviour of our children.


A while back we took part in Fairtrade Fortnight culminating in our Fairtrade day. It was a fantastic day culminating in a great cake sale. We raise £107.36 and posted a lot of photos of the day on the Fairtrade website. I got a lovely letter this week from Fairtrade thanking us for our contribution. The picture of “Our Fair Necessities Cake” made for us by Katie Watson, was seen by thousands of people on the Fairtrade website.  How brilliant is that!


Mrs Armstrong in Reception was delighted with the whole class for their behaviour and super sportsmanship during their Cinderella Ball. What fantastic news and what superstars you all are! In Year 1 Mrs Robson and Mrs Williamson were delighted with the improvements in the handwriting of Chloe, Kizzi, Dylan, Tasawar, Arun and Evie. They now use a joined up script which is now superb. I am so proud of you all!  In Year 2 Mrs Knowles was knocked out by the great team work in maths of Joe, Adam, Liam and Emily. Well done all of you. In Year 3 Mrs Robinson and Mrs Dunn are over the moon with Lara and her excellent explanations in Maths, with Paige for her great research work during project work and with Suzy and Isobel for being so helpful to others in the class. What lovely mentions this week Year 3. You are amazing! Mrs Taylor in Year 4 has been very impressed with the effort Mahfuz has made in improving his writing. She is also delighted with the progress that Jamie and Leah A have made with their writing. She also felt that I should know about the super attitude that Mehmetcan and Samuel are developing towards their learning. I am very proud of you all. She also wanted to mention the whole class for their tremendous effort at the Go Run for Fun event. Fantastic! Mrs Gorsky was very impressed with Year 5 and their attitude and sportsmanship towards the cricket. This is a real achievement. Well done! In Year 6 Mrs Andrews wanted everyone to know how hard the class has worked all year and we have everything crossed that they have done well in their SATs. Mrs Andrews couldn’t single anyone out from her class this week she felt they had all been amazing. What a lovely complement Year 6. She did mention the superb effort Max has put into his art work this half term. The water colours are amazing! A special mention goes to Jenny who was first to finish form all the schools in the Go Run for Fun event. Well done everyone!


There was a tie for top attending class this week as Year 2 and Year 6 both have 100%. Therefore they both gain 5 minutes extra playtime.


Next week is half term week so everyone will enjoy a well earned rest to recharge for the term that sees the finale of the school year. I hope you all have an enjoyable break and I look forward to sharing with you highlights from our children’s wonderful learning experience. Have a good week!


Karen Elliott