November 2015

2nd November 2015
Well I was glad to see that we hadn't all been scared away and how wonderful once again to be back in school beginning another conversation with Heaton's brightest minds.
Firstly, a huge thanks for the donations in support of the East End Food Bank. Our contribution was well received and huge thanks expressed to everyone at school. It would seem logical, considering the current need and climate, to exercise our collective force and duplicate this offering in February before half term and perhaps at the end of the school year. Sustaining a strong link with the Food Bank would undoubtedly allow more opportunties to discuss and understand the needs of our community and challenge inequality.
The menu for this half term, both inside and outside of the classrooms is full of nutrition and goodness. From a whole school perspective, we have Parent's Night on the 10th and 12th of November. This will be to discuss the progress of your child over the last half term and focus the conversation on how they have settled into new routines and curriculum expectations. As we move beyond levels, it is clear that our reflections will focus on their strengths, their self-esteem and the next steps required in order to accelerate progress. 
We are in the process of organising a range of online resources to support the learning of mathematics and we will be dissemating logins for pupils when accounts have been activated. Ideas related to more home learning will be shared and discussed during the Parent's Night.
Anti-Bullying week is our focus commencing on the 16th November and this will allow us a real opportunity to reflect on how we support both the victims of bullying and the perpertrators by raising awareness and investigating the roots and consequences of bullying. For more info on this year's key themes, click here.
Our Family Music Night has been organised for Friday 20th November so this will be a first for me and I am excited to know how this popular event unfolds. 
On the subject of Christmas, Doh! (2nd November!), our Parent Reps have begun the organisation of a Festive Fayre on Friday 4th December. More information to follow. Dates for the Christmas Productions and Christmas Parties can be accessed via the calendar on this website. Rumours of the force awakening are all true and I will personally be organisng a Sci Fi Star Wars Fancy Dress Day and Disco on Wednesday the 16th December just to counter act the wave of red and white. 
All of these dates will be confirmed via the upcoming newsletter.
In the meantime, if you were to venture within the galleries section of the website you would see some of the learning from last term and the range of opportunities our children were involved in. Year 1 photos to be uploaded soon.
Trust we will all learn more this term,
Ben @ChilliRoad.