Our Story

10th July 2014


       What another fantastic week this has been in school. The whole school performance at the People’s Theatre was amazing. We wanted to do something a little different as this is such a special year for our school and what better way than to tell the story of our school set against the backdrop of world events. To make it even more special every class took a pair of decades and lead by the indomitable Della they produced a dance routine from their period in time. No performance would be complete without the unique sound of our school’ our steel pan bands. The Year 5 panners played with such assurance and skill that it never ceases to amaze me. Of course Year 6 shouldered the lion’s share of the play and told the story of our school with moments of comedy and poignancy. It was very moving. I know many of you didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Looking back at the story of our school it has always had a very special place in the hearts of the rich and diverse community which has survived very turbulent times. Thanks to Heather Holmes, Hilary England and Anne Denton who combed the school log books for the events that became “Our Story”. Everything on the stage was home grown from the costumes, to the props to the stage effects.  It really showcased what Chilli Road is all about -team work and partnership. Our children are our biggest asset and to see them bursting with confidence and delivering work and performances, at such a high standard across the board, are inspirational not only for us the adults, but it motivates the children to achieve even more.  I also know the part our families play and the unfailing support they give the school together with the dedication of all the staff in going that extra mile. It is crucial to the kind of experiences we can offer the children. I was so proud to know that every child had the opportunity to experiences such a fantastic event. Not all schools are the same and I know I for one really value what we have here.


Year 4 had an amazing visit to the Laing Art Gallery to explore the paintings especially “The Women” as part of their coastal project. What I find wonderful is that our children, because we invest so much in trips, visits and visitors that it is wonderful to hear our children discuss art and artefacts with such enjoyment and insight.


We also had visitors in school form one of the top independent schools in the country on Thursday. Pupils from Durham School came to hear our Y6 steel pan band and to learn a few tricks of the trade from them. Quite an accolade I think. Whatever would Jack Common have made of that, I wonder?



That certainly was an amazing week in school and next week looks just as packed. I look forward to sharing more exciting learning opportunities for our talented children and meeting you all again at our Strawberry Tea on Tuesday. Enjoy your week.


Karen Elliott