Our Grand Day Out

As part of our anniversary celebrations we are learning about the heritage of our area. On the 5th June the whole school and many of their families visited Jesmond Dene. Jesmond Dene Volunteer guides led history trails, the Dene rangers organised scavanger hunts and pet handling (we visited our chickens who hatched in school last year but have grown somewhat!), we had music workshops and dancing with Kiddars Luck, local songs  with Phil Kitchen, the launch of our proggy mat project and traditional games with John Tucker. The whole school had a mass picnic and created a huge piece of artwork designed to be viewed from Armstrong Bridge. It was an amazing day - "Lord and Lady" Armstrong even made an appearance to share with us their vision for the Dene.  

Having learnt about the Dene and the role the Armstrongs played in the history of our area we followed this up by visiting Cragside House, the home of the Armstrongs near Rothbury.