Reading and Phonics

At Chillingham Road Primary School we follow the systematic phonics programme published by the government called ‘Letters and Sounds’ but also incorporate aspects of the ‘Jolly Phonics’ scheme when teaching individual sounds.  In Nursery children are involved in a range of pre reading activities to prepare them for phonics work and in Reception and KS1 children participate in a 15 – 20minute daily phonics session which is multisensory.  This involves not only the teaching of a new skill but also time to practice and apply the skills taught. Regular monitoring is in place to track children’s progress and ensure everyone is reaching their full potential.

Our aim is to develop enthusiastic, independent reflective readers with a life long love of reading. Pupils are effectively wrapped in books and reading at many levels.
• Shared reading where the teacher models the reading process and the pupils are actively involved joining in and following the text.
• Guided /Group reading once or twice a week. An adult works with a small group of children who are able to read a similar text. The children are guided through the text applying the skills they have learning shared reading and phonic sessions.
• Individual reading. Each child has an individual reading book which is read at school and at home. These are picked from a banded/levelled mix of scheme and real books. In nursery this would be a story sack.
• Words. Alongside phonics children need to develop their sight vocabulary and words are sent home regularly to learn at home.
• Library books. These are borrowed from the school library on a regular basis.
• Project loan books are in every class to support the half term project. These include both fiction and non fiction.

Another way of practicing phonics is using I.T. Ask your child's teacher for the password to Phonics Play. Click here to login. 
If you have access to an apple or android tablet, we would highly recommend four apps from the Nessy group. These are...
  • Hairy Letters
  • Hairy Phonics 1
  • Hairy Phonics 2
  • Hairy Phonics 3