School Council - Teams

We are collaborating as a school this year to include all the children from Year 1-6 as part of our School Council. 
As a school, we have created teams from across the Year Groups. We have 6 teams in school:
Our pupils have been put into mixed teams and will be collbaorating for a variety of reasons over the school year. Our team circles will meet fortnightly for a half an hour discussion. Teachers and our LSAs will ensure children feel supported if they require. Our Year 6 pupils will take notes of what is said and type these minutes up.
The ideas and feedback from the pupils will be shared with the Senior Leadership Team and they will decide which pupils will be assigned to lead the various projects. The model we are adopting is the SMART school council model. For more information, click here.
The Wroxham school in Potters Bar has been inspirationally led by Dame Alison Peacock and her team. Mrs Andrews will be visiting the school in February to talk about how pupils reflect on their progress and discuss this with their families. They have also adopted the Smart Council Model and have a whole school approach to democarcy. 
Take a look at the case study below.