School Meals

At Chillingham Road Primary School we strive to be a healthy school.  The Government has set targets to improve the nation’s health and we in school have our part to play.Our school meals are cooked on site and are delicious!  


Since September 2014 all pupils in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 will be able to receive a school  meal at no cost to the parent/guardian as recently announced by the government.


Its good to know that when you send your child off to school they will be eating a hot, healthy and nutritious meal at lunchtime. When children eat better they do better and school meals help keep their mind and body working to it to its maximum until they return home.  


Children respond positively positively to a caring, happy atmosphere where their welfare is paramount and being at school certainly assures that. Eating nutritional, well balanced meals at school also plays an important part in this and is unquestionably the core to a healthy school life.


Children can sit with their class friends whether they have packed lunch or school dinners.  Every week there is a top table organised by Mary the chef and the lunchtime facilitators where children are chosen their attitude, smiles and behaviour.


Parents are welcome to share lunchtimes with their child if they wish, provided they give the office notice and pay in advance.


The children in Year 6 have produced a booklet with helpful tips to help parents look at portion size and content of packed lunches.   Part of the Government advice is that sweets and fizzy drinks are not permitted in schools and that there should be a limit of 1 bag of crisps.


Parents have been very supportive about finding healthy alternatives to sweets and using their judgement in providing a lunch their child will eat that also follows advice.  By popular demand the steel pan band are available to provide live music at lunchtime on special occasions.


We ask that children bring in water bottles clearly marked with their name.


Cost of School Meals


School meals cost £2 per day (£10 per week).  You can choose how many school meals your child has on a week by week basis but we ask that payment is made in advance on a Monday.



Free School Meals for Key Stage 2


If you are on income support or receive certain other benefits your child is entitled to free school meals.  This is worth £370.50 per child per year.  


You can acquire an application form from the school office