Spooky week

4th November 2016

Dear families,


I hope that everyone enjoyed the half term break and managed some quality family time. All of the children were very excited on Monday for a variety of reasons including the fact classes have been getting out into the local area to find inspiration for writing.


The Centre for Literacy in Primary education establishes some important principles from their research into writing. They establish that all children come to school with a range of experience of literacy, including digital and media text, much of it framed by popular culture. In addition, they state that teachers who tailor their teaching to the needs of individual children, drawing on their understanding of the children’s backgrounds and experiences, as well as close monitoring of their progress, are more successful than those who impose uniformity.


Continuing to establish strong two way links between home and school is essential as we learn more about your children. I hope you will be able to attend your child’s family consultation appointment in a few weeks so that we are able to sustain our work in partnership.


Kindest Regards,

Ben Wassall