Steel Spring

20th March 2015

Steel Spring

What a great week in school this week! It began on Saturday with our Year 5 and Year 6 steel pan band delivering outstanding performances at the Tynedale festival. It was close run thing but Year 6 were awarded the Mozart Trophy. Both bands were amazing so focussed and determined I was very proud of them. As was the army of supporters who accompanied the bands to Hexham! Both bands were awarded distinctions. What an achievement! I was delighted with both our bands who showed true courage and skill in playing to a packed auditorium. So take a bow Year 6 band of Jenny, Tommy, Lauren Rose, Lauren, Khadija, Tilly, Faye and Kyle and the Year 5 band Brady, Paige, Emily, Iona, Leo, Leon, Shaun, Joel, Owen and Holly. You all thoroughly deserve your success. A big thank you to all the families and friends who supported the children I am sure your support made all the difference. What stars they all are!


The rest of the week was just as exciting and challenging. Our EYFS children have been having the time of their lives in their new mud kitchen. Who knew “clarting” about in mud and water could be so satisfying! If that wasn’t enough fun, Katie Watson and her team have been painting rubber tyres as planters to spruce up the EYFS yard and quite “Bobbie dazzlers” they look too! Greta job! Reception children have been seeing what they can create form old cardboard boxes and just look at how creative they have been. Stevie Ronnie has been in school this week working with School Council in telling the story of out school through objects in the museum. They are helping him develop a digital story using our artefacts which will be displayed in the museum. Ms Hancock has been busy with classes developing a mosaic. The idea is that every child in the school will be involved in some way in creating this fabulous work of art. All parents will be invited to have ago too! School Council in Years 4 and Year 5 visited our Ouseburn Learning Trust Partners at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities and Sage Gateshead. They were great ambassadors for the school asking lots of interesting questions and it was really lovely to see our children chatting to their colleagues form other school councils. It is hoped that during the summer term all the Trust’s school council members will have a grand meeting in the Council Chamber so we can hear their views on the work of the Trust. We ended the week with an eclipse. I had no idea how much fun you could have with a colander!  I also couldn’t resist putting on some more pictures of Fairtrade week. We raised £100 from the selling of Fairtrade baked cakes and biscuits which was amazing. Thank you again for all your support.



In Reception this week Mrs Armstrong was delighted with Nate and his super extended writing. She was also over the moon with Ela, Alhan and Kenzie for trying so hard in all they do. I am so very proud of you all and what superstars you all are! Well done to Charlie, Elsa, Tasawar, Tyler, Eva, Jasmine, Stella, Nikilessh, Dilan A and Tanan, in Year 1, for their fantastic run of full marks with their spellings. Fabulous both Mrs Robson and Mrs Williamson are really delighted with your progress. They also wanted me to know how proud they are of Elsa who has made her own solar eclipse and explained it to the whole class. You amaze me!  Mrs Knowles in Year 2, was very pleased this week with Matthew and Dex and their full marks for their spellings. Well done boys! She was also amazed at the wonderful alternative endings to fairy tales That Hannah, Max, Dennis, Saul and Dex gave their versions. Brilliant! Mrs Robson and Mrs Dunn in Year 3 are delighted with the effort Eli is putting in to all aspects of his work. They have also noticed the great approach to problem solving that Suzy, Paige and Sylvie have demonstrated. What great examples to your class! Well done I am very proud of you all. Ms Taylor in Year 4 is very proud of Layla and her outstanding ability to think of others and share her ideas and time with anyone who needs it in the class. You are an absolute star, Layla! Ms Gorsky in Year 5 wanted me to know how well Elin, Shaun, Lucy Grea have been doing with their imaginative writing and the great work they have produced. She also mentioned Elin (again!), Lucy H and Charlie for making honest and thoughtful comments in circle time. How perceptive you are. Well done! Mrs Andrews has also been impressed by how hard Neil has been working with his reading . She also mentioned how much effort Neil, Harry and Adam are making in their writing. Success is within your grasp boys keep it up.


This week top attending class of the week is Year 2 with 99% and gain 5 minutes extra playtime.


 It was lovely to see so many of you at parents evening and I enjoyed our chat. I look forward to next week and sharing with you the achievements of our amazing children. Enjoy your week!


Karen Elliott