13th June 2014

Another fun week at Chillingham Road, this week. We got of to a fantastic carnival start on Saturday when our samba band greeted the VAMOS carnival parade onto the green outside Northern Stage. It was great to see so many of you had braved the rain to support our wonderful musicians. All the schools were fantastic and brought some South American sunshine to Newcastle. So take a bow Joel, Ruby, Harriet, Shaun, Nathan, Erin, Ruby, Madeleine, Eden, Isaac, Leah, Iona, Jenny, Daisy, Elin, Leon, Tommy, Grace, Layla, Brady, Summer, Adam, Dylan, Bobbie, Holly, Charlie and Dylan. It was a wonderful example of the breadth of talent there is across our partnership of schools and the amazing quality of work that can be produced when we all work together.

I popped into Nursery this morning, as usually the children come and listen to our Y5 and Year 6 panners play at Friday morning assembly but they weren’t there this morning. No wonder, as when I got to Nursery they had their own band. As you can see they were having a wonderful time! Year 3 have been out and about this week visiting Tommy’s and Mrs Denton’s allotment. It was an idyllic day and the children have brought home a tiny oak tree to nurture. What is the saying about great trees from tiny acorns grow? Let’s see what happens to our tiny sapling! Gardening club have finally been able to get into the front garden and have been getting to grips with the plants and weeds and it really is looking exciting. Our parents have been fantastic in providing spade muscle to tame the wilderness. Our swimming team were going through their paces this morning at our mini gala and they swept the board winning a whole treasure trove of gold and silver medals. They were amazing. Congratulations Harry, Lennon, Iona, Paige, Leo, Jack, Joel, Amy, Madeleine, Lauren-Rose, Hannah, Jenny, Louis, Nathan, Bobbie and Lauren, you did us all proud. Our building works are progressing well and the old office area and ICT suite are unrecognisable now. The Reception class are beginning the big pack as there are alterations to be made to their room. As you know we have been working with Miss Jones, form Heaton Manor, to improve our children’s gymnastic skills. She had the brain wave of getting the children up to Heaton Manor to practice their newly learned gymnastic skills on the trampoline. To say the children enjoyed themselves is an understatement. They bounced and somersaulted with such confidence. We are now seeing if we can get our Reception children to have  go, once we can work out how to get them onto  the trampoline!


Mrs Armstrong in Reception was very impressed with Evie’s mature attitude to tidying up. We need more children like you Evie! Mrs Armstrong was also very impressed with the great progress Helar is making with her writing. What superstars you both are. In Year 1 Mrs Knowles wanted me to know how delighted she is with Matthew and the super effort he is putting into his writing. She also mentioned how hard Emily M works, not at the things she finds easy but in everything she is asked to do. You both make me so proud! Mrs Dunn and Mrs. Robson couldn’t wait to tell me that Grace, Ella, Troy, Sylvie, Kyra, Poppy, Tino and Katie can now swim a full length. Fantastic news and what an achievement! They also told me about the great work Lauren had done in her RE and the fantastic progress in reading that Ewan, Macy and Isobel have made. It’s all coming together beautifully for the big jump up to Year 3. Well done all of you. Meanwhile in Year 3 Bobbie, Dylan, Alice and Erin have knocked out Ms Hancock by the quality of their writing, inspired by Roald Dahl’s, “The Twits”. You are amazing! Mrs Hamil and Mrs Robinson were full of praise for Iona and Shaz for consistently working at such a strong level not only in their numeracy but in all areas. You have both made my day! Ms Taylor wanted me to know about Shuhada’s mature attitude to all aspects of school life. You really are indispensible! I couldn’t believe how fantastic Neil has been in his PE and neither could Ms Taylor. Neil to have amazed us both! Keep it up! Ms Andrews has been delighted with how hard Tommy has been working and the progress he has made. This is wonderful news and long may it continue! She was also full of praise for Leah and her strength of character in being determined to work at long multiplication until she understood it. I am so proud of you and I know with that attitude to your work you will do very well at your new secondary school.


Our top attending class this week was Year 2 with 98.5% attendance and have gained 5 minutes extra playtime.


Enjoy your week and I look forward to sharing more of our wonderful children’s learning journey.

Karen Elliott