Welcome back- Let's get ready to share.

9th September 2016

Welcome back everyone, and an extra special hello to all our new families.

I trust that after this short week back, we all feel more confident and prepared to enjoy a great year at Chillingham Road Primary School.

 From the magnificent range of conversations I have already had with our children and families, it appears that this summer was full of fun, adventure and relaxation. Harnessing the energy and intellect of 250 fully charged batteries is now our welcome challenge.

 Ensuring we have a  shared understanding of how we keep safe at Chillingham Road is an essential part of our relationship as a school community. Our open culture actively promotes all aspects of pupils’ welfare. As a school, we will always take rapid and appropriate action to resolve any concerns you may have.

 During our assemblies this week, we have begun a conversation about sharing.                 Undoubtedly, this is when the magic happens. Over the course of this term, we will           encourage all members of community to share their learning, practice and feelings.          Encouraging our children to share their thoughts and contribute to the whole learning      experience will develop confident, caring and active citizens in school and in wider society.

 Please ensure that you return the data collection sheet as soon as possible so we have up to date contact details and relevant medical or dietary information about your child(ren).

 I am very excited about this next chapter and am confident that our collaboration and      ongoing commitment to learning and welfare will prove to be successful.


Kindest Regards,

Benjamin Wassall