Welcome back!

14th January 2019


It’s a place of discovery for 125 years! For those of you who know us a little better, you will recognise the words in today’s headline are actually the opening lyrics to the new school song that was written by the Chilli Jammers last year.


We are very fortunate to welcome so many new children and families to Chillingham Road Primary school this week; with 6 new starters in Playgroup and 9 other children across the school, there is a genuine opportunity for new friendships, relationships, insights and ideas so on behalf of everyone, welcome.


All of our classes have started their new topics and each have a question to consider throughout the term. These are listed on the back page. Ms Common has also joined the team and is off in Year 1 to find out if the big bad wolf is really that bad.


It appears that most of us had a decent break and have returned safely. Wednesday     morning was slightly unconventional as we listened to a retelling of Dr Seuss’ Lorax and then watched the movie as a whole school with lots of pillows and cushions. The morning allowed the children a little bit of a break. First week back in January is always a tricky one and energy levels are not at their highest. Anyway, the morning proved to be  a real success and there was much chat afterwards as folks began to share ideas on how we will produce this in the summer term as our end of year show.


Take a look at  the  class curriculum booklets today please– Nursery’s will go out on      Monday .


Happy New Year– Mr Wassall