Welcome Welcome

8th September 2017

Firstly, I would like to welcome all of our new children and families to Chillingham Road Primary School. I trust that we will be able to work together in order to ensure that your child is safe, happy and challenged to develop as an independent and reflective learner.


In addition, it has been wonderful to catch up with so many positive stories of summer and family time. Developing an honest and rich conversation between the home and school focused upon our children will undoubtedly be a recipe for success. How we create, sustain and evaluate those channels of communication and feedback continue to be a whole school priority. Further strategic priorities will be shared with you over the coming weeks.


Finally, I would like to share my belief that for a brief moment in time , we are all custodians of our heritage and it is our duty to maintain and celebrate our iconic school so that its stories are never lost.


Kindest Regards, Benjamin Wassall